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Possible Evolution of a Realm

How a new realm might evolve under the vista system.

Phase 1

Let us suppose someone wants to start a new realm, a science fiction game where the players are "Freelance Galactic Police." Their link to the Stop-Gap Shuttle would be a monorail station at the planet-side Glacier Station. They only plan to play one scenario set on the space station orbiting the planet Pheario, so they only need one room. [See Map]

As this point, all of the descriptions or vistas for the game are housed in the Phaero Station room using the vista command. There might be a couple of descriptions for the command center, a couple of meeting rooms, a system-ship launch bay, the cargo bays, etc. Glacier Downside is just a place for the characters to pass through on their way to more interesting destinations.

Phase 2

Par for the course, the scenario has grown. :-) The command center and a couple of places the characters visit with some frequency now are static rooms. Note this does not prevent the command center, for example, from having several stored vistas -- they're all just different views of the command center, i.e. night, red alert, normal duty, etc. The character's quarters are now static rooms as well.

Some of the action has moved to the city surrounding the Glacier Downside Station. The Marbard City vista room contains all those descriptions. The Freelance Police Office is a static room, and makes a convenient place to "store" a couple of recurring NPCs.

Our heroes have visited a couple of the outer planets as well; often enough that the referee has made the Outer System a new vista room as well. [See Map]


Note how this allows only as much "building" as an individual referee is interested in doing, and reduces the complexity necessary to "fill out" an area. It is also entirely feasible to build a realm out of nothing but vista rooms and a single static train station room.

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