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Reality Fault
A place to meet and game on-line.

Welcome to Reality Fault!

Reality Fault is an on-line gaming environment, running a text-based multi-user world. Like all the other assorted MU* kinds of games, people connect to the server and log in as a virtual persona. We welcome all mature individuals who wish to contribute to, and play in, good role-playing games. If this sounds interesting to you, please join us!

The goal of Reality Fault is to foster and encourage good gaming. We do this in several ways:

Host a variety of separate games in different genres, rather than one large, over-arching one.

Unlike most other MU*s, we have many separate games running, rather than one large, system-encompassing one. Also, Reality Fault has no enforced single gaming theme or genre. Each separate game is given its own individual area, which we call a Realm. Keeping the games separate means that games with wildly different objectives or styles can run on the same server, at the same time.

Encourage high quality role-playing.

Games on Reality Fault do several things differently than many other on-line MU*s. We do not have the common on-line technique of huge, unrelated groups of characters chatting via gaming by assertion. Instead, we encourage quality games which are run by a consistent GM, usually for a small group of dedicated players. Players need to commit to full participation in each game they are in, so they are truly involved in it, rather than giving it only part of their attention. This allows games to be more focused and intense, and permits deeper and more thorough character exploration and development.

Record game logs, and make them available on the web server.

Game sessions run by their Game Master (GM) are recorded on cambots, and can be viewed by others either as the game is played, or when the GM makes them available on the web server. These game logs show how other people play in their games, and are useful sources of ideas for other GMs. They also help to find good people to play with, and function as examples of enjoyable gaming.

Provide separate characters for each game and for out of character discussions.

This provides a way for players from different games to chat together OOCly (Out Of Character) so they can get to know each other. An OOC character represents you, the player -- not a fictional creature or disguise. As such, it will have a form of your RL name and, usually, a rough description of yourself. Once you join a game the system administrators will create another character for you to use, just for that game. These IC (In Character) characters will have the description, name, and other settings that describe your player character for that game. This helps keep in character and out of character experiences and discussions separate. It is also easier to game with someone you already know and trust as an individual, rather than having to simply trust their player character.

Make new players welcome.

Sometimes, starting out in a new place can be rather confusing. We've done our best to make useful information for new players, essential information for interacting online, as well as answers to some of the most common technical questions, available on the web. We have descriptions of some of the more interesting character details that players can set up on their characters. We are also slowly building a web-based reference for all the commands available, although this is a work in progress.

Facilitate gaming however we can.

There is a mailing list for all members of Reality Fault, which allows people to ask questions, try and find new players for a game, or search out new games to play in. Each individual game also has its own mailing list, which can be used for scheduling, discussing game issues or strategies during non-scheduled game time, keeping everyone in touch, and other mundane, game-related tasks. The mailing lists also have archives available to list members on the web. Each game also is listed on the general realms page, and has its own dedicated web pages, with some information about each game, game logs, and anything else the GM may wish to put up specifically for their game.

If this sounds interesting, please take a look at our other information pages -- the table of contents will show more of what we have to offer. If you have questions you can't find answers to, or if you'd like to join Reality Fault, please feel free to send us an email.


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