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Player Information

A Player is an individual who controls a Player Character in the game. For more information on what the various terms used here mean, please consult the Reality Fault Glossary page.

How to Connect to Reality Fault

How to connect to the server and log-on to your characters.

How to Join Reality Fault

How to contact the Administrators and apply for an OOC character.

Privacy Policy

What information we require you to provide, and what we will do to keep it secure.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

This is the document that describes the legal relationship between the management of this server and our users. You are expected to check this document for updates periodically, as it may be changed at any time.

Player Guidelines for Reality Fault

This document describes some of the guiding principles that we would like the players of Reality Fault to follow.

Obvious Things We Felt Needed Saying

A few things that we hope will reassure folks who're uncertain about what's going on here.

What Can I Do With This New Character?

All the things you can set on your character, and how to do so.

More Character Commands

More information on what you can do with your characters, both IC and OOC.

Player Types

A small quiz you can take which will allow you to figure out what sorts of games you prefer, and help you to match up with players and GMs of similar interests.

Reality Fault Mailing List

Members can view list archives and change list preferences.

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