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How To Join RealityFault

  1. Please read the RealityFault:

  2. Please send us email with your request for a non-played character. At the bottom of this page is an example of an email asking for an OOC character. Your mail should contain the following:

    1. Your email address
      We requre a valid email address in case we need to contact you. Everyone with a Player on RealityFault is required to subscribe to the general RealityFault mailing list, so they receive important announcements.

    2. Your legal name

    3. Your phone number
      We will only use this in case of emergencies, when we cannot reach you by email.

    4. A statement of compentency
      If you are over the age of 18, you may include the following statement in your email:

      I am at least 18 years old, and am responsible for my own actions.
      We are very sorry, but we can only allow legal adults to play on Reality Fault currently, due to the unpleasantly litigious mood of our society. If you feel an exception should be made in your case, please have your parents contact us.

  3. When we receive all this information, we will email you the name of your character and the password.

In the OOC Realm we ask each player to use a form of their real name, or a nickname that they commonly use in "real life." Also, please describe your OOC character to be at least somewhat close to how you look in the real world. It is much easier to get to know someone by their first name or a comfortable nickname, than by some vague on-line persona they may adopt.

If you are new to on-line games and not sure how to manipulate or move your character around when on the server, we suggest you take a moment and review the new players page. It teaches you some useful things, such as how to move your character around, how to find and talk to others, and some of the commands specific to Reality Fault.

When you join a game, you will be given a Character in that game (or Realm) to use in that game. Characters do not normally leave the Realm they were created for.

We reserve the right to deny the use of any name we deem inappropriate.

The following is a (somewhat light-hearted) sample email. The italicized words will need to be changed to fit your particular case, and please include the age verification only if it is indeed true:

From: [your name here]
Subject: A New Player chara request for RF

Hello! My name is Fred Jones and I would like to apply for a Player on RealityFault. My phone number is (xxx)xxx-xxxx, and my email address is Could you please use for all public email from RF? Thank you.

I am at least 18 years old, and am responsible for my own actions.


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