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Guidelines for the OOC Realm on Reality Fault

These are very rough behavioral and procedural guidelines for OOC characters in the OOC realm on Reality Fault. The OOC realm is where one goes in order to discuss gaming theory, practice, or systems; look at examples of good code or building; read news, help files, or bulletin boards while on the server; ask for help or offer advice; arrange role-playing sessions, verify weekly games, or let folks know about schedule changes; and/or get to know prospective GMs and players.

We recommend you also read the General Guidelines for Reality Fault. Each realm will also either have its own personal guidelines, or chose to default to the standard Reality Fault guidelines. Please check the individual realm web page for this information. In all cases, if you don't know what else to do, either ask someone for help or default to courtesy, please.

The OOC Realm is a public place.
Please do not engage in any behavior that would not be appropriate in your local mall, your place of worship, or your grandmother's house. If you have to ask, it's probably not appropriate.

Under this category we'd also like to mention the responsibilities of participating and communicating on Reality Fault. We ask everyone present to behave themselves in a courteous and adult fashion. A simple way to be sure you are behaving so is to pause before you say something to someone else, and consider -- would you mind if someone said it to you? If the answer is yes, we strongly suggest you not say it.

The one case where this may not hold up as a good means of decision-making is when it comes to personal space. Please do not assume that anyone else here wishes to be touched by you. Also, just because you see someone get a hug from a close friend does not mean they automatically want a hug from you too.

Invading someone else's personal space, even in a virtual realm, is not welcome, and is not a good idea.

Secondarily, we ask that everyone remember that communication is a two-way street. Please keep in mind that people generally mean well, and generally don't intend harm to you. Therefore, if someone says something that offends you, it is incumbent upon you to politely tell them this. They cannot read your mind, and they will not know you are offended unless you inform them of this.

The OOC Realm is NOT a place to game.
It is for Out Of Character interactions. It is for this reason that in-game commands do not work in the OOC Realm. Please do not bring your in-game characters here. Please do not take your OOC characters into role-playing games situations.

The OOC Realm is for players; be yourself.
In the OOC Realm we ask each player to use a form of their real name, or a nickname that they commonly use in "real life." Also, please describe your OOC character to be at least somewhat close to how you look in the real world. It is much easier to get to know someone by their first name or a comfortable nickname, than by some vague on-line persona they may adopt.

To help players and GMs find each other, we have the Reality Fault emailing list. We encourage folks to post on it, so that there is more communication on what types of games and players are desired, and what types of games and players are available.

If you want to watch a game in progress, please go to a screening room.

  • If there aren't enough screening rooms please let us know, and we'll try to make more.

  • Unless you have a very strong reason to do so, please do not disturb people in a game. If you wish to contact someone who is gaming, please leave their OOC character pmail.

If you want to know more about the games here but none are currently running while you're on line, please feel free to visit the Reality Fault realm pages and read the logs posted for each game.

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