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Character Commands on Reality Fault

What can I see from here?

You can see things with the look command. If you use this command by itself, you will look at the room your Player is in. You can also specify other Players, Exits, or Things. For example, if you are in the OOC Train Station and want to look at the library, type look lib and you will get this response:

You see a weather-beaten door set into the station's brick facade. The door is dark wood with a tiny diamond-shaped window and a brass plaque that reads "The Library."

Like many of the other basic commands, the look command can be abbreviated to one letter. In the above example, l lib would produce the same result.

You can look at yourself by typing l me, and explicitly look at the room by typing l here.

How do I move around?

On Reality Fault, we use a program that lists all the obvious exits that can be used in a room. For example, the Meeting Room on in the OOC area looks like this:

Meeting Room
A large, brightly lit room with comfy chairs around a long table. The east door leads to the OOC Club, and the southern door leads out to the train platform.
Obvious Exits:
    Train Station <out>    Club Room <clu>

From this room, you can go to the Train Station by typing out or to the Club Room by typing clu. What is not obvious is that you can also go to the Train Station by typing: Train Station <out>, ooc train station, train station, train, station, tra, or out. Most exits are created with more than one way of using them, as a convenience to the players.

One other convention we use is that every room has an out exit. If you are lost, or uncertain of how to get back to a familiar place, you should be able to type out repeatedly until you arrive at that Realm's Train Station. From there, you should be able to get anywhere else on the server.

In addition, you can use the home command to immediately return to the Nemo Overnight Express, which exits directly to the OOC Train Station.

How do I find other people?

From anywhere on the server, you can use the whereare command. This command will show you who is connected to the server, what their status is, how long they've been idle, if they're currently in a room with an active cambot, what realm they're in, and where they are. Here is an example:

Name         Type  Idle Cam Realm      Room
------------ ----- ---- --- ---------- ------------------------
ArgoGM       GM    7s   No  Argo       Argo Soundstage
Eddy         OOC   9s   No  Argo       Argo Soundstage
NachtMusikGM GM    47s  Yes NachtMusik NachtMusik Soundstage
Rosenstern   IC    7s   Yes NachtMusik NachtMusik Soundstage
Shateishael  IC    1m   Yes NachtMusik NachtMusik Soundstage
Taygeta      IC    1m   Yes NachtMusik NachtMusik Soundstage
Thessaloniki IC    17s  Yes NachtMusik NachtMusik Soundstage
Bob_Admin    STAFF 1m   No  OOC        Bob's Office
Bob          OOC   6s   No  OOC        Club Room
Pip          OOC   56s  No  OOC        Club Room
Eowyn        OOC   9s   No  OOC        Club Room
Fitz         OOC   30s  No  OOC        Club Room
Will         OOC   16m  No  OOC        Club Room
Phil         OOC   22m  No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Jon          OOC   29m  No  OOC        Screening Room 1
James        OOC   8m   No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Dast         OOC   3m   No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Linnea       OOC   1m   No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Marc         OOC   47m  No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Matt         OOC   2m   No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Dobie        OOC   44s  No  OOC        Screening Room 1
Kenaran      OOC   10s  No  OOC        The Stopgap Shuttle
Gala'madred  IC    2m   Yes Oloth      The Garden of Dammerung
Rokhan       IC    1m   Yes Oloth      The Garden of Dammerung
Alois        IC    5m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
Tinuviel     IC    3m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
Kern         IC    1m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
Eimi         IC    1m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
Safix        IC    1m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
Xarlen       IC    1m   Yes Oloth      Wandering Path - Taproom
OlothGM      GM    57m  No  Oloth      Oloth Realm
SandboxGM    GM    12s  No  Sandbox    Sandbox Train Station
ZargleGM     GM    13s  No  Zargle     Zargle Soundstage
Zoot         IC    15s  No  Zargle     Zargle Train Station
34 players are connected.  (Max was 45)

This example shows at least two games in progress (you can tell they're gaming because there is an active cambot in the room), collections of people in the OOC Club Room and Screening Room 1 (probably watching the game in the Wandering Path), and a few other small gatherings in other places.

How do I talk to other people?

When you are in a room with other people you can have your Players say something that everyone else will hear by using the say command:

say Howdy folks!

will show the room:

Bob says, "Howdy folks!"

You can also abbreviate the say command to just a double-quote:

"Howdy folks!

will show the room:

Bob says, "Howdy folks!"

If your Player is in a game and a cambot is recording the scene, you can say things "out-of-character" and the cambot will not record what you say. Use two double-quotes to do this:

""Howdy folks!

will show the room:

(OOC) Bob says, "Howdy folks!"


You can also whisper to one or more other people in the room:

whisper collie starlight = The rain in Spain falls mainly on the ground.

will show this to only Collie:

You whisper, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the ground." to Collie and Starlight

If you wish to send a message to a Player that is on-line and not in the Room with your Player, you will need to use the page command. By itself, the page command will simply notify someone that you are looking for them. If you type:

page collie

You will see:

your summons to Collie.

The other Player will see:

You sense that Bob is looking for you in the Moonlit Bower.


You can also use the page command to send messages to other Players, similar to the whisper command. If you type:

page collie=The moon is full and bright.

You will see:

You page, "The moon is full and bright." to Collie.

The other Player will see:

Bob pages, "The moon is full and bright." to you.

The page command has a multitude of options. If you are interested in seeing them all, use the page #help command to begin viewing them.

Posing or Emoting

If you want your character to do something visible, but not say anything, you can use the pose command. Like the say command, the pose command is usually abbreviated as a single colon. If you type:

:raises an eyebrow.

Everyone in the room will see:

Bob raises an eyebrow.

This command also lets you combine actions with words. If you type:

:raises an eyebrow and chortles, "Well, that was different..."

Everyone in the room will see:

Bob raises an eyebrow and chortles, "Well, that was different..."

If the cambot is on, you can use a double-colon to prevent the cambot from recording the action. If you type:

::waves his hands and intones, "By the Power of Anchovies, I banish thee from my presence!"

Everyone in the room will see:

(OOC) Bob waves his hands and intones, "By the Power of Anchovies, I banish thee from my presence!"

What commands are specific to Reality Fault?

The whois command

On Reality Fault we try to encourage both a sense of community, and responsibility for one's personal and in-character actions. To do this we ask everyone to use their real life name for their out of character 'character stub,' and we connect all your in-game characters to that OOC character. If you want to find out who is playing what character, simply use the whois command.

You can use whois or wi, when typing in the command. The simplest way to use it is to type:

whois <name>

This will give you that person's full name, OOC character name, public email address, the names of all IC characters that person plays, and what realms they are played in. For example, if you typed:

whois JonH
your on-screen results should look (roughly) like this:

(OOC) Jonathan Hixson (JonH) jhixson999 at
(OOC) IniziiGM in Inizii
(OOC) Xarlen in Oloth
(OOC) Rechan in Paradon
(OOC) Hazmat in Tamashii

As you can see, JonH is the GM of the Inizii realm. If you wanted to know who played in his game, you could use the whois command for that also. The basic format of the command to do so is as follows:

whois #realm <realm>

and for Inizii itself you'd type:

whois #realm Inizii

and you'd get on screen something like the following:

(OOC) IC NamePlayer's NameOOC Character
(OOC) ----------------------------------------
(OOC) IniziiGMJonathan HixsonJonH
(OOC) BodanDastyni LoksaDast
(OOC) KazJames BallJames
(OOC) KyrelWalter LoyWalter
(OOC) VaneIan HutzelIan
(OOC) DerlethGreg DowningGreg

The one thing the whois command cannot do is tell you if a game is still running, or if someone has left any particular game or not. For example, JonH is listed as being in the Inizii, Oloth, Paradon, and Tamashii games. However, of those four games, at this point in time, Inizii is running, Oloth and Tamashii are retired, and Paradon is on temporary hiatus. This state of affairs will, of course, be constantly changing as games and players come and go.

There is one final thing the whois command can do for you -- it can list all the realms we have on Reality Fault, and the associated GMs. To do this, just type

whois #realms

and you'll get something like the following:

(OOC) Realm NameGM's NameOOC Character
(OOC) -----------------------------------------
(OOC) NachtMusikIan HutzelIan
(OOC) GuardiansGreg DowningGreg
(OOC) Tamashii(no name set)TamashiiGM
(OOC) FeyPhilip HightowerPip
(OOC) ParadonDastyni LoksaDast
(OOC) IdlewildAriel MatthewsAriel
(OOC) GypsyIan HutzelIan
(OOC) DNAnimalsJon ComptonJon
(OOC) ScarMatthew BalaunMatt
(OOC) IniziiJonathan HixsonJonH
(OOC) ClaymoreMarc WillnerMarc
(OOC) BirthrightEowyn CenekEowyn
(OOC) ArgoBob SimpsonBob
(OOC) HeartwoodMike NaylorMikkel
(OOC) IndigoLouis EricksonLou
(OOC) ZargleBob SimpsonBob
(OOC) WestonJai CumminsJai
(OOC) StarfallWalter LoyWalter
(OOC) SandboxBob SimpsonBob
(OOC) OlothJai CumminsJai
(OOC) OOCCollie CollierCollie

As you can see, this is all the games we have. They include games which are running, still in planning, on hiatus, and retired. To find out which is which you can either ask anyone on line, or check the Reality Fault Realms page. Enjoy!

We are at this time still working up this part of the page. We apologize if this causes difficulties for anyone. However, at this time if you type the name of the command, followed by #help, you should be able to get at least some information on the server. If that's not helpful, ask someone! Most folks on Reality Fault are happy to help.

Here's the list of commands specific to Reality Fault so far, that we've not yet covered:

A die-rolling command

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