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How do I handle combat with my character?

We've had many people view in-game combat here with some worry, so we've made up this section to show how easy it is.

We've included two logs here to demonstrate a simple combat run by a GM for a player who's never been in an on-line combat before. One log is the actual, "official" log that would go up on the appropriate realm page here. The other includes all the OOC chat as well, in an effort to illuminate the gaming process.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind -- one, OOC chat is absolutely necessary to make sure everyone is working together smoothly and knows when it's their time to go, and if their intended action is acceptable.

Two, on-line games are (by necessity of typing) much, much slower than face to face games. However, this is not a problem if everyone stays focused on the game.

A big thank you to Marc, for being willing to be the guinea pig, and Ian, for helping out in a pinch. Enjoy!

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