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Referee Information

A Referee is an individual who manages and arbitrates activities during game play. For more information on what the various terms used here mean, please consult the Reality Fault Glossary page.

Referee Guidelines for Reality Fault

This document describes some of the guiding principles we would like GMs to follow on Reality Fault.

Requesting a New Realm

How to request a new realm and GM-character to run a game with on Reality Fault, and how to request IC characters for your players.

Useful Tools for GMs

Some information on useful code on Reality Fault that can be used for games.

The Cambots

A page that describes the cambots and how to use them.

Editing Logs

Some suggestions on how to edit the logs from your realm.

Useful Puppets for NPCs

How to create in-game objects that you can use as NPCs.

Finding Players for Your New Game

Some suggestions on how to encourage players to join your game.

The GMing FAQ

A page of suggestions (thus always under construction) for GMs on how to run a game smoothly, without going nuts.

Gaming by Assertion

A definition of gaming by "mutual consent" and/or "assertion" and why we prefer not to use them in their "pure" forms on Reality Fault.

Hero stuff

The explanations of, and modifications to, the Hero System, as suggested by Bob.

Builder stuff

Various bits of relevant information or code for anyone who might be building on Reality Fault.

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