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Finding New Players For Your New Game

So, you want to run a game on Reality Fault! You've informed the admins, put up a game proposal on the Reality Fault realms page, gotten an emailing list for your game, and your realm has been built on the server. Now you need players -- how to find them? Hopefully this page will make it as easy as possible for you and prospective new players to find each other.

Note for GMs that already have all the players they wish: many of these suggestions can also be used to get things rolling towards getting your game actually started.

List yourself as your game's contact
On the Reality Fault realms page there is a listing for each game, which contains the on-line Reality Fault OOC name of each prospective GM. Should you give your permission to do so, we will also link your name up to your email address there, so that people with questions can contact you easily via email.

Be active!
Don't just send out one email asking for players. Send out polite email reminders about your game on a regular weekly basis, until you have all the players you need. Remember, many people are shy, or uncertain that they will be welcome. As the GM, you can send a strong, positive message to quiet people like this. If someone casually mentions that maybe they just might be interested, get them to talk to you about your game. Ask them what sort of characters they might be interested in. Let them know you'd like them to come game with you. People that feel welcome are usually enthusiastic and fun to be with.

Get to know people
Spend some time on line with your OOC character, and chat with the people you meet on Reality Fault. This will not only let you get to know folks on Reality Fault, but will also allow them to get to know you. Gaming with strangers usually isn't as fun as gaming with people you know, trust, and like.

Arrange meeting times
Arrange a meeting time on Reality Fault, and let folks know about it through email. This doesn't have to be the official game time, and it doesn't matter how many players you officially have yet. The important thing is that you can be found at a particular time and place when you're able to talk specifically about possible characters for your game. After all, the last thing any new GM wants is to have interested potential players not be able to find them.

Let friends know about your game
Reality Fault is always looking for mature and thoughtful players and GMs. If you have a particular friend you'd like to add to your game, or you know someone who you think would add to Reality Fault, please feel free to have them look at the player information pages.

Once your game has started, of course, your realm's link will be moved from the "Games in Planning" section of the page, down to the "Active" section. Congratulations, and have fun!

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