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Referee: Puppets

A puppet is an object a player object can give commands to, and can affect the game environment just like a PC. Puppets are frequently used by referees as NPCs.

The system supports a thing called a "zombie" which is similar, and can be detected as a "zombie" by certain programs. Unfortunately, "zombies" objects have one irritating habit; it reports everything anyone in the room says to you, which gets really messy, really quickly if you have several "zombies" in several rooms.

These directions will help you create a puppet that you can:

  • Move around
  • Make do or say things
  • Put away, so it's not in the room
  • Get back to this room

Creating a Useful Puppet

1: Creating the Puppet

To create a puppet, issue the following commands:

@create Puppet==Puppet
@lock Puppet=me
drop Puppet

Note that the dbref of the Puppet is registered on your character as $Puppet. We'll be using this later, so we don't have to actually remember the dbref.

2: Setting Up To Move The Puppet

What good is a puppet that just sits there? =)

The commands:

@set $Puppet=X
@flock $Puppet=me
@action Puppet=me=XPuppet
@link $XPuppet=$nothing
@succ $XPuppet={null:{delay:0,{lit:{force:$Puppet,{&arg}}}}}

The command "Puppet" with a space then what you want it to do, will make it act exactly as if you'd typed that command.

3: Hiding the Puppet

You'll need a room to keep the puppets in. You only need one for all the puppets you have, but it has to be a room you own. If you have one you can use already, great. If you don't, you can make a new one, with @dig.

@dig Puppet Closet

Once you know the dbref of the room you want to keep your puppets in, it's nice to make an alias for this so you don't have to remember the number, but that your puppets are in the $closet. You can do that with @register.

@register #me #<dbref of the room>=closet

Once you have a closet, you can then set the puppet's home there:

@link $Puppet=$closet

To get rid of a puppet, sweep it, or have it do the "home" command with it's action.

sweep Puppet


Puppet home

4: Bringing the Puppet Here

To bring one of your puppets to you, do this:

@tel $Puppet=here

The puppet has to belong to you, and you have to be in a room you own, as does the puppet.

5: Using Puppets In Other Rooms

If you have a puppet in another room, and don't know or can't see what is going on there, give the command:

@set $puppet=Z

That will convert your puppet in to a zombie, so that everything in the room is echoed through it, to you.

When that gets irritating, you can stop it with:

@set $puppet=!Z

5: Cleanup Tidbits

All of the actions created, as well as the room and object, can have @succ, @osucc, @fail, @ofail, and @odrop messages, as well as @desc messages as is appropriate. The @check command will help you not miss details.

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