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Referee Guidelines for RealityFault

These are rough behavioral and procedural guidelines for those who wish to GM on RealityFault.

Responsibilities of GMing

As a GM on Reality Fault, you are responsible for running your game and maintaining your logs page. You may designate someone else as your log editor, but there must be someone who is responsible for making sure the logs for your game go up on your log page in a timely fashion.

GMs on RealityFault are also responsible for making sure their players' character sheets are up on their realm's web site. We understand it can take a while for everything to get ironed smoothly out as far as character sheets, especially in the excitement of getting one's game started. We simply ask that you get the character sheets to an admin, and we'll make sure they get put up. If you have a particular layout or format you'd like to use, talk to an admin about that as well, and we'll do our best to be sure this is accomplished.

We have made this a requirement because we consider the logs and the character sheets a helpful assist to the Reality Fault community. They provide encouragement, entertainment, examples, and inspiration for our players and GMs. We also feel they make Reality Fault's web site an interesting and informative place.

As a GM, you are encouraged to provide information for the Reality Fault web site. Write up any information or changes you would like on your realm's web pages, and email them to us, so we may update your page. The logs and character sheets that you provide will be available from this page also, and we are happy to put any other resources you wish there as well.

You may, if you wish, put other resources on other web sites and have us link to them, but we encourage you to allow us to host and/or keep a second copy of your off-site game materials. We suggest this because we have unfortunately had information from three games irrecoverably lost when other sites went down. We would like to help you avoid having this happen to your game.

When GMing, focus solely on your GMing

As a GM on Reality Fault, we ask you to concentrate fully on your game when you are GMing. This is important not just as a courtesy to your players, but also so you can make your game the best possible. This is also why we insist on a GM for every game -- so there is someone who is responsible for good game plotting and play.

Gaming by "mutual consent" or "assertion" is Not Recommended.

RealityFault is a server set up to encourage on-line, GM'd gaming. We believe that making a GM responsible for every game encourages both individual responsibility and a stronger sense of community within a game.

We understand that a small group of mature adults who know and trust each other may be able to successfully play without a GM. However, the potential owner of such a realm must first demonstrate to us that they are responsible individuals who can organize and maintain a game in that sort of environment.

In such cases we will require there be someone designated 'the GM' for the realm. We do not require this person to run every game in that realm; this is so there is one individual who is both responsible for the realm, and can handle all relevant issues there for the players. This would also the person responsible for providing character sheets and logs for the game.

Talk to Us!

Finally, we understand there's huge diversity in game types and styles. If you're uncertain about something in regards to either GMing or your game, please feel free to ask for advice or assistance. We hope to encourage a helpful community spirit here on Reality Fault, so that we can all benefit and get to play in good games.

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