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How to Start a New Game on Reality Fault

If you don't have an OOC character, please apply for one, so you can come meet and talk to us on-line. Check out the Realms page on Reality Fault for examples of other games, if you wish.

  1. Please read the RealityFault:

    In particular we would like you to closely examine the section in Guidelines for Behavior titled "Responsibilities of GMing." We would like all GMs to understand, with no unpleasant surprises, what it is we ask of them.

  2. Please send us email with your request for a new realm and a description of your intended game. At the bottom of this page is an example of an email suggesting a new game for consideration on Reality Fault. Your mail should contain the following:

    1. The official title of your game.

    2. A single word identifier for your game
      This will be used in coding. Your identifier should be no more than 14 characters, please, consisting of only letters and/or numbers.

    3. A one paragraph description of the game's genre
      Think of this as being very much like a one paragraph teaser for a gaming convention flier.

    4. The number of players you'll allow in your game
      We suggest no more than 5 players in a game for ease of GMing. If this is your first time on-line as a GM may we suggest starting with no more than 3, and expanding as you gain confidence in the medium?

    5. The system you intend to use.
      You may use the system of your choice, although we strongly recommend a published system. On Reality Fault we provide support for a modified version of HSR, and our dice rolling program can handle systems using a variety of dice conventions.

    6. A rough estimate of how much and what kind of help you think you may need to get your game running.

  3. If we all get along well, your game will be okay'd by the admins. At that point operations will build a realm and associated tools specifically for you to use for your game. For an example of a realm and the tools we can offer on-line, please visit Zargle Realm, in the OOC area.

  4. Next a time will be arranged when you, your players, and an admin are all on-line simultaneously. At that point we'll be available for any necessary troubleshooting as we make OOC and IC characters for all your players. Don't forget to be sure your players have all read both the guidelines page and the starting player's page!

  5. The final step is to get IC characters made up for your new players. To do this, send an email to the admins stating each IC character's name, and which OOC character it will be associated with. Please note all IC characters must be associated with the player's OOC character. If your prospective player does not have an OOC character, have them apply for one using the usual directions.

    The following is a (somewhat light-hearted) sample email. Please put in the relevant information for your game instead:

    From: [your name here]
    Subject: A new game for Reality Fault

    I would like to request a realm on Reality Fault. I have read and understand the responsibilities I assume by becoming a GM here, and will do my best to adhere to them. Also, I will be keeping at least the logs and character sheets for my game on my realm's Reality Fault web pages, as gaming examples to benefit everyone.

    The official title of my game is "Terror on the High Seas: A Study in SAN Loss" (or "Terror" for the single word identifier).

    It will be a Call of Cthulhu system medieval fantasy horror game where the players are deep sea fishermen battling the minions of evil while struggling to retain their sanity and their daily catch of fish. I'm looking for four players, at least to get started.

    Since I already know CoC and have the rule books I don't think I'll need any help getting started, but thank you anyways.

    --[your name here]

    Finally, we recommend you include this paragraph, but it is not required:

    Would you also please put an archive of my off-site game information on the Reality Fault server? I don't want my game to suffer irrevocable game information loss due to accident.

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