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Useful Gaming Software Available on RealityFault

This file is, of course, constantly in progress as we add useful new tools to the server. We try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible. If you have any suggestions regarding types of tools you think might be useful, please feel free to tell us!

Currently there are several pieces of software available which may be helpful to you as a GM, depending on the type of game and system you're running. At the moment they're all fairly generic, but this may change over time. We currently have:

Die roller
(for more info, on RF type roll #help)
The roll program actually has some HSR intelligence coded in to it, but if used without arguments it does a simple die roll of whatever number of dice and/or sides you wish.
Check the help pages for more information on what the roll program can do.

(for more info, on RF type look cambot with a cambot in the room)
The cambots are a general tool to record the session as it would be seen by a third person in the room. They also allow someone to watch an ongoing game in the Screening Room without interrupting.
The information recorded by the cambots is already in HTML format, and can be easily put up onto your game's web pages.

(for more info, on RF type vista #help)
The vista is the core of the soundstages. It allows a room to be described ahead of time, and then scenery to be changed simply and quickly by the GM as the game progresses.
All the rooms in your realm will be vista rooms, and you can set up your scenery descriptions in as many of the vista rooms as you wish.

(for more info, on RF type rumor #help)
The 'rumor' or 'rumors' command allows a GM to give information to their players within the context of their game. The information does not have to be complete, or even absolutely correct. It is simply part of the gossip of the area which the player characters can find out. The command is timed so that the earliest rumors are eventually deleted... much as rumors in real life would slowly fade away.
All the rooms in your realm will contain your rumors command, and receive your realm's list of rumors.

NPC listing
(for more info, on RF type @npc)
This tool allows a GM to list the names and basic information on all NPCs. They can be sorted by name, player, race, gender, occupation, zone, or by their basic summary.
As the GM you should be aware your players also can see this list, but it is an excellent way to keep from having to constantly remind PCs who various NPCs are.

Realm mailing lists
(info on this is currently not available on the RealityFault server, but rather only here on the web site)
When you request a character for someone in your realm, we suggest you immediately put their email address on your realm's associated mailing list. This way you can quickly and easily reach all your players, if some need to do so arises. If you are unsure of where the mailing list for your realm is on the web, you can easily find it by going to your realm web page. At the bottom you will see something like this:

    Members only
    Visit the DNAnimals mailing list subscription page.

Click on the link that you will find on your realm web page, and it will take you directly to your realm's emailing list.

You, as the GM of your realm, and the admin who helps with mailing lists (currently Bob_Admin), will be the "owners" of your realm's email list. Bob is there mostly so that if you have any technical problems with your list he can fix them for you quickly and easily.

There are a number of other useful tools for OOC use, to find players, etc. whereare and page are particularly interesting.

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