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What can I do with my character?

Things I can "set" on my character

There are two types of character stubs you may receive on Reality Fault. First you will have an "out of character" character stub created for you. In the OOC Realm we ask each player to use a form of their real name, or a nickname that they commonly use in "real life." Also, please describe your OOC character to be at least somewhat close to how you look in the real world. It is much easier to get to know someone by their first name or a comfortable nickname, than by some vague on-line persona they may adopt. Other things you can do with your OOC character, besides describing yourself, include setting your sex, species, and smell.

The other type of characters you may receive here are "in character" ones. You can set the same things on your IC character as for your OOC character, namely descriptions, smell, sex, and species.

For more details than are covered here, we recommend you take a glance at the excellent "mink" docs. While they are not specific to Reality Fault, there is a great deal of clearly written and very useful information there. Also, should the explanations here be confusing, perhaps there the different style of writing will offer you clearer explanations.

The "sex" and "species" properties

It's a good bet you're pretty sure of your personal gender and species by now, so we won't belabor that point for the OOC character. You'll want to set these properties for your IC characters also, as indicated by the game and who/what your character is.

Setting the sex and species properties on your character stubs is fairly straightforward. Just type:

@set me=sex:[text]
@set me=species:[text]

In order to check these settings on either yourself or someone else, you can type whatspecies or ws and it should look much like the following:

If you type

you might read something like

Name Sex Species ('whospe #help' for help)
Collie female usually human...
JonH [idle 2m] Male Human?

The "smell" property

You can also set your character to have a scent, and check to see how other characters smell. To set up a scent, do the following:

@set me=_scent:[scent description here]

The scent description will be shown to someone when they smell you, i.e.:

If you typed
smell Ian

you'd read
Orange soda and cordite? What the hell has he been doing?!

If you want to be notified when someone smells you, set the following on yourself:

@set me=_smell_notify:%n smelled you!

The %n will be replaced with their name, when you are notified of being smelled. It will appear as follows:

> Ian smelled you!

Your character's description

Descs, or descriptions, are part of what sets your characters as unique. They also give you a chance to wax eloquent. However, we strongly suggest that, in the case of descriptions, less is more! The following example will hopefully clarify this statement.

Instead of describing yourself like so:

She is both beautiful and terrifying, forcing you to look away in awe, for no mortal eyes could view such exquisite perfection without being scorched by the flaming truth. Her body is more stunning than you can imagine. At first glance, her face, like her hands, is perfect, flawless, her rose-petal-soft skin as pale as sun-kissed, new fallen snow. It is a face that could grace a splendid piece of statuary to the ancient, forgotten gods. It has that smooth, timeless, ageless quality. Her gaze is cool, uninvolved, dispassionate, calm. She looks as all patricians through the ages have looked; glancing downward at the turbulent, squalid, squirming lives of the peasants held within their disinterested grasp. The glance is merciless, cold and pitiless as Justice.

Her eyes exude the same inhuman calm, only adding to the quiet, irresistible power she radiates. Thick lashes, each faint scarlet eyebrow a perfect arch above, frame her deep emerald eyes, which gleam with iridescent flecks of gold dancing, alight with intimidatingly deep intelligence. Her full lips gleam, and wild scarlet curls tumble freely down her back to her waist, restrained by a small fortune in expensive diamond stars that sparkle in their golden settings, barely holding back the heavy glittering mane. She takes your breath away, the flawlessness of nobility as yearned for by the pale and envious earth below, gleaming like a creamily pristine lily rising from plebian leaves in miraculously exquisite ascension to the heavens above.

Her gown is of breath-takingly sheer material, its layers being her only concession to modesty, yet allowing her pale limbs to hint at such beauty as to break the heart of the heartless. Palest egg-shell blue it starts in unpatterned dimensions of silk, flowing in endless streams about her delicate and shapely small feet, deepening layer upon layer as it rises towards the heaven of her deific face, until it finally frames her porcelain perfection with the rich sable and indigo of thunderheads shot through with scattered argent lightning, picked out in rich detail by flawless diamonds and glittering silver embroidery. Each layer is accurate, depicting the dangerous, growing storm of the night as it throbs about her wondrously unsettling form, until it finally swells forth into draping banners of clouds about her flawlessly shaped bodice.

Her haughty gaze locks with yours, and you cannot but help looking away as one slender hand brushes back an errant curl of fire. Instead your eyes are pulled to her expensively glittering jewelry. A choker of cunningly formed golden artwork encircles her slender, perfectly pale throat, the writhing figures seeming to move in a diabolically distracting dance about her, while earrings of diamond and silver shimmer and drip like a waterfall, pouring from her small and exquisite ear lobes. Adorning her pale wrists gleam languorously jewel-encrusted bracelets -- emeralds, rubies, and diamonds spray across them like scattered dancing stars in a golden sky-setting, while the luxurious rings on her roseate-nail-tipped fingers arouse a longing desire, an aching need in your breast. Even the most subtle flickerings of her fingers cause them to blaze and excel the stars above with their matching, mythically inspiring fire.
you might try leaving a little more to the imagination, like so:

She is beautiful and slender, as graceful as a pale, fire-haired comet. Attired in an elegant gown woven of night's sheerest gossamer, you can catch gleaming diamond starlight picked out on each shimmering, twilight-blue layer.

For fun, you can set a bit of code on yourself so you can see when someone has looked at you. If you wish to do this, just type the following:

@desc me=[your description here]{look-notify:[%n looked at you!]}

The %n will be replaced with their name, when you are notified of being looked at. It will appear similar to this, although the names will vary, of course:

[Collie looked at you!]

You can put the little bit of code either before or after your description.

Look-traps in character descriptions

For an example of how to appropriately create and use a look-trap for your character, please read OOC / IC Information.

TOD code

Time of day code can be a lovely and interesting way to get your character's 'look' to change over the span of a day. Plus it's just fun -- we like it! For an example of how to appropriately create and use time-of-day code for your character, please read the Time of Day Code page.

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