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A place to meet and game on-line. rule

Player Information
A Player is an individual that controls a Player Character in the game.
How do I connect? How do I get a new character? What is expected of me? What's your privacy policy? your Acceptable Use Policy? What's a cambot? Why do we need GMs? How do I communicate with others when I'm not on the server?

Character Information
A Player Character is an in-game construct, manipulated by a Player.
Who can I talk to? Where can I go? How do I get around? How do I get stuff? What are these "mechanics/rules systems" anyway? Why should I play only one character at a time?

Referee Information
A Referee is an individual that manages and arbitrates activities during play.
What's a Realm? How do I get a new Realm? How do I find players? What tools do you have that can help me run my game? What's a cambot? How do I edit a log?

Builder Information
A Builder is an individual that creates the rooms, actions, things, and character objects that exist on the server.
What building conventions are there here? What are properties for various game objects? What tools exist?

Game Information
Games are run in separate areas called realms.
What realms exist? What games are running? How can I watch one? When are games scheduled? How do I join a game?

Programmer Information
A Programmer is an individual that creates programs and tools that exist on the server.
What are data structures for various game objects? What programs exist? How do I put new programs on the server?

Administrator Information
An Administrator is an individual that oversees the operations of the server, sets the broad goals of "the game," goes to Steering Committee meetings and (in general) does all the boring stuff that keeps the project moving forward.
Where are we going? Why are we going there? What's already been decided? What issues are still open? How do we make new characters? new realms? How do realms evolve?

System Operations Information
An Operator has access to the server and the computer where the server is running.

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