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The Apartment Code

(file still VERY much in progress... this is ghastly. ;-p )

Source of the Code

The apartment code we are using on Reality Fault is ClaimHome.muf by Jessy @ FurryMUCK, written 5/95. These are available online by typing the following:

@list $ClaimHome=1-50

Setting up Apartments

To set up apartments type the following:

@action claim;directory;dir=here
@link <dbref of action>=$ClaimHome
@set <dbref of action>=<names of possible homes separated by spaces>
@desc <dbref of action>=@$ClaimHome

That's the minimum that works to set up the command.

A player can then type dir or directory and get a list of apartments, with the owners, and any vacancies. If they type

claim <home>
they'll be assigned that one, presuming it's free.

Additional Settings

  • Setting an @succ and @osucc on the action works, and provides feedback when a home is assigned.
  • Setting an @fail and @ofail provides feedback when a home cannot be assigned.
  • A player can get rid of their home by @recycle-ing it and the two exits.
  • Should a player @recycle their home, but wish to take another apartment, you will need to ask an admin to take the player's dbref# off the list of folks that own apartments. Lou remembers what and where it is, but I don't. ;-)

A bunch of other things -- the defaults for the new rooms created, and some other stuff about how the program works -- can all be set on the exit. That would be the actual action. Use the dbref for the apartment 'action,' and the items below:

    @set <exit>=name:<name type. Apartment, House, etc. Defaults to 'Home'>
    @set <exit>=roomdesc:<desc of rooms created by program>
    @set <exit>=indesc:<desc of exit leading into room>
    @set <exit>=insucc:<@succ of exit leading into room>
    @set <exit>=inosucc:<@osucc of exit leading into room>
    @set <exit>=inodrop:<@odrop of exit leading into room>
    @set <exit>=outdesc:<@desc of exit leading out of room>
    @set <exit>=outsucc:<@succ of exit leading out of room>
    @set <exit>=outosucc:<@osucc of exit leading out of room>
    @set <exit>=outodrop:<@odrop of exit leading out of room>
    @set <exit>=succmsg:<String to be given to a player when a home is successfully claimed. Like a @succ.>
    @set <exit>=namepad:<# of characters in exit name/number field on the directory. Defaults to 3, which is good for numbers.>
    @set <exit>=parent:<parent of created rooms, if different from parent of room holding trigger exit>
    @set <exit>=show_exits:<'no' or 'yes'. Determines whether created exits will be dark or not. Defaults to not-dark.>
    lsedit <exit>=header <info/text/decoration preceding directory listings>
    lsedit <exit>=trailer <info/text/decoration following directory listings>

Residents can change the name displayed on the directory by typing

@set here=%n:<whatever>
while in the room linked to the exit created by ClaimHome.muf.

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