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    2004 January 17 Interlude XXII
    Freyja tells an allegory. Later the group has an unexpected midnight visitor.
    2004 January 25 Chapter Nine, Part One
    The arrival on Tanaab. The group meets a confusing old friend of Master Roakkana's.
    2004 February 07 Chapter Nine, Part Two
    The peace negotiations begin. Unfortunately Jedi Master Khoud turns up in the process of attacking the Malice with a heretofore unknown, immensely powerful weapon. The triat stops him, but also terribly alarms almost all the Force users present.
    2004 February 10 Chapter Nine, Part Three
    The group awakens and is immediately debriefed by a surprisingly pleasant Lord Ghang. Afterwards they go have a discussion with an exhausted Jedi Master Sarn.
    2004 February 14 Chapter Nine, Part Four
    The unusual group of Force-users get a chance to examine Khoud's ship, learning some worriesome things as they do so. Later, peace negotiations are resumed, and the woefully underprepared Vice-Chancellor is easily argued into a corner by the Sith lord Ghang.
    2004 February 16 Chapter Nine, Part Five
    Freyja has an impromptu but fascinating discussion with Ghang (who knew the Sith had sensationalist vids?!), then returns to share what she's learned about their impending journey to Ziost for further peace negotiations with her friends.
    2004 February 21 Chapter Nine, Part Six
    Vakkal and Freyja spend some quality time together in the planetary park surrounding the hotel -- and discover a sniper cell! The entire group easily overwhelm them with Watcher Manishsha's aid, and discover a possible link to an old enemy. Later, a surprisingly pleasant, relaxed tea party occurs as the group update everyone else on what occurred.
    2004 March 02 Chapter Nine, Part Seven
    On the Platinum Eclipse, Zero learns quite a bit while carefully examining the open comm link captured by the group from the sniper cell. Just as he finishes, he receives an enigmatic message from Adept Merroukah, his Silver Path mentor, warning him of his upcoming trials.
    2004 March 06 Interlude XXIII
    Various fascinating bits of information are shared, plans are made... and the next day a boatload of Khar Velosi appear, then disappear into the forest. The foursome follow at a more lesiurely pace, ending up in a lovely, newly-green valley with a new addition to their small family.
    2004 March 13 Interlude XXIV
    The luau for the Khar Velosi is a success. Some interesting new connections (as well as various possible plans for the future) are made.
    2004 March 19 Interlude XXV
    Freyja discusses Balmorran immigration possibilities with Lord Ghang for his Khar Velosi. Later the group speak with Master Sarn, hearing more of the plans the two leaders are working on. Finally, the group shares an unpleasant but informative vision of the Shadow Devil.
    2004 March 27 Chapter Nine, Part Eight
    Things move rapidly, with final plans made. The Malice departs for Dantooine, while the Eclipse heads off for Garqi. Safely arrived, progress is made in the search for the ex-Senator, as a new contact gives them helpful information on who to talk to.
    2004 April 03 Chapter Nine, Part Nine
    The group enters the underground dwelling of Digger Dale, and discovers in short order the Excavator, the Digger himself, and a fascinating coincidence. Shortly thereafter they have a new ally and a tentative plan for assaulting Kalatis' underground redoubt.
    2004 April 10 Chapter Nine, Part Ten
    The group returns from visiting Digger Dale and does some more research. Interesting things are discovered in an orbital flyby, and some very pleasant toxicity scientists are befriended. The plan of attack on Kalatis' lair starts to come together.
    2004 April 17 Chapter Nine, Part Eleven
    The group attempts to enlist some local aid to get past both the dangerous jungle and the ion gun emplacements which border Kalatis' new bolt hole... with extremely mixed results.
    2004 April 24 Chapter Ten, Part One
    Freyja tries to contact Colburth on Dantooine, and receives a desperate cry for help. The assault on Kalatis' lair reveals a Massassi Oather lord and his apprentice aiding Kalatis. He is among the captured (much to Zero's pleasure), and after much discussion, the Oather lord is persuaded the propaganda he's heard about Jedi might not be true.
    2004 May 15 Chapter Ten, Part Two
    Goodbyes are said on Garqi, and the group departs for Dantooine. On the way there Kalatis awakens, disturbing Zero greatly. Once on Dantooine, several even more disturbing discoveries are made, most of which are explained or discussed in a meeting with Sith lord Methel-ssa.
    2004 May 22 Chapter Ten, Part Three
    The group heads out to hunt for Colburth and the possible manus hideout. They find at least part of their goals, and successfully bring Colburth back to the city.
    2004 June 05 Chapter Ten, Part Four
    The group returns, only to find Alleine vanished. He is safely tracked down, and the next day they meet with Methel-ssa to ask to borrow a ship. After she reveals Lord Fan is due in 8 days, and will blame the group if the manuses are not yet dealt with, she agrees to loan them the ship. The two Jedi, Kalatis, and Alleine are safely shipped off, and the group heads out to hunt for manuses.
    2004 June 11 Chapter Ten, Part Five
    The group chat some, then arrive at Magernkl's farm, where Zero and Fhazil are able to do them a tremendous, much-appreciated favor.

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