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    2006 August 23 Part Eighteen: Thunder Distant No More
    First Movement. Arrival at Shadow shows that the Far Thunder traitors have come to roost, hoping to catch Wintarsen. As battle is joined, questions come to the fore: Why has Far Thunder decided to reveal Wintarsen now? What do they hope to gain? And why do they fervently believe that the 'Verse will be plunged into chaos within the decade?
    2006 August 29 Part Nineteen: Thunder Distant No More
    Second Movement. The crew pursues the crashing Far Thunder gunship down to the surface of Shadow. After defusing the tense situation there, and heading back to Newhall, the crew learn what Far Thunder's actions were all about.
    2006 September 12 Part Twenty: A Dessert of Dust
    The Scarlet Chimera returns to Newhall, turning over their prisoners to Security and learning that a wave of Browncoat uprising and civil unrest has begun. As they begin to get their lives back in order, Elgyn begins to learn of what's been going on in his homeworld for the past ten years.
    2006 September 20 Part Twenty-One: Rectifications
    The crew begin to return to a "normal" life, starting by making arrangements for their next cargo, and tying up loose ends with Security.
    2006 October 11 Part Twenty-Two: Quiet Cargoes
    The crew takes on the daughter of a Tong enforcer, bound for Triumph where she will be safe. Of course things don't go quite as expected.
    2006 October 24 Part Twenty-Three: The Open Hand
    The crew make their way to Triumph, where Solbiort and Elgyn have some notoriety, and discover that a village of Jains is experiencing some bandit trouble. For the time being, though, to each his own....
    2006 November 07 Part Twenty-Three: An Itch of a Fight
    Elgyn begins to dig into the riddle of Devon and his jackals, and how to beat him. He starts to gather some information from both the Jains and the local constabulary.
    2006 November 14 Part Twenty-Four: How Changes The Winds
    With the chance arrival at the docks of one of Devon's gang members, with a Jain girl from the jackals' camp, the decision shifts to one of justice against the bandit and his gang.
    2006 November 25 Part Twenty-Five: Vindicare
    Plans procede apace for taking care of Devon.
    2006 November 28 Part Twenty-Six: Reap The Whirlwind
    The planning goes into the final stages, and after a bit of waiting... the flag goes up, the hammer falls, and those who have sown the storm shall reap the whirlwind.
    2006 December 12 Part Twenty-Seven: Hammarzeit
    And the operation goes down against Devon and his scofflaws.
    2007 January 02 Part Twenty-Eight: Big Damn Heroes
    Devon is captured and brought to the hands of justice, and the crew receives an interesting offer from a Central agency.
    2007 January 16 Part Twenty-Nine: Null Contract
    Having arrived at Ulundi, the crew discovers a ship arriving on ulundi from one of Nigel's old employers: specifically, Jackie Lo-Pan, procurer of labor from the hellhole that is Higgin's Moon.

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