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Games are run in separate areas called realms. For more information on what the various terms used here mean, please consult the Reality Fault Glossary page.

Positions Available

If you are interested in any of the listed proposed games, please either send e-mail to the the given contact for the game you are curious about or talk to them on-line at Reality Fault. Alternatively you may email us for further information.

Games In Planning

If you have a game concept you'd like to run, or any questions about GMing games on Reality Fault, please feel free to ask.


System: Champions Hero System, Fourth Edition
Max players: 6
Contact on Reality Fault: Jonathan
Set in the Firefly/Serenity universe, Hunter is a game which has many facets. At the same time an exploration of the consequences of culture clash, it is also a somewhat gritty, free-wheeling adventure. A foiled pirate attack opens up to the players a chain of events which reach back into the past, and forward into the uncertain future. Sending them to all corners of the 'Verse, in the wake of one of the legacies of the Unification War, the players must decide what they do with the mysterious cargo the pirate vessel carries.

The Whole of the Law
System: In Nomine
Max players: 6
Contact on Reality Fault: Waya
An In Nomine game centered around the interpretation of spiritual law.
Burning Man
System: In Nomine
Max players: 2
Contact on Reality Fault: Waya
A "prequel" to The Whole of the Law, set six years previously, with three of the protagonists attending Burning Man, and what they found there.

Waking Dreams
System: Champions Hero System, Fourth Edition
Max players: 1
Contact on Reality Fault: Collie
Into this night I wander
It's morning that I dread
Another day of knowing of
The path I fear to tread
Oh into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride
Nothing stands between us here
And I won't be denied...
    from Sarah McLachlan's Possession

The One-Shot Realm
Contact on Reality Fault: Lou
Just what it says! This is the place to put your one-shot gaming fun.

Games on Hiatus, or Which May Come Back

If you're interested in one of these games, try communicating with the listed contact and letting them know you would love to play if they start the game up again. People always like knowing someone is interested in their fun ideas!

GM'd AD&D/3e (variant) fantasy, GM-created setting.
Contact on Reality Fault: Ariel
Three people, each woodsy and twentysomething, wake up separately in a colorful tent in a foreign meadow. As they meet each other and assorted denizens of the area -- including elves, a talking lizard, and a faun -- it becomes obvious that they are far from home, and that each arrived after a similar mishap in a secluded lake. Things promise to be explained when the local wizard sends a messenger to request a meeting, but the meeting is co-opted by a girl in jeans who introduces herself as Birch. She claims that they all have the same father, the mage who brought them here -- whom she has disposed of with a pocketknife, exploiting the local elves' allergy to steel. The three travellers decline association with Birch and her plans to carve herself a kingdom, despite offers of power and slaves, followed by threats to destroy them as well if they do not join her. After battling animals Birch has apparently summoned out of thin air, the travellers escape with the aid of hastily-made local acquaintances, and find themselves companions with elves and a talking lizard, on a road to discover who they are, where they are, how to get home... and what they want out of both worlds.
These Shattered Stars
GM'd Star Wars (Hasbro), alternate-universe setting.
Contact on Reality Fault: Jonathan
The Great Hyperspace War is upon us all.

From the vast Unknown Regions they came, three years ago. Battleships of the proud, warrior Sith Empire were led to the ancient Galactic Republic by unwitting hyperspace explorers. Seeking worlds and peoples to conquor, we at first thought that the Jedi Order, almost as old as the Republic itself, would be able to push back these invaders.

To our suprise, shock, and horror... we were wrong.

The Lords of the Sith are at least as powerful, if not more so, than our vaunted, cherished Jedi. And so, as our regrettably small navy clashes with the Sith fleets, and on a thousand worlds accross the front our soldiers meet their alchemically-altered monstrosities, on those same worlds Jedi fights Sith and the fury of the Dark Side clashes against the serenity of the Light.

Or does it?
Morning Rain
GM'd modern-day super-heroes RPG
Contact on Reality Fault: Jonathan
Morning Rain is a campaign about people: normal people who have been gifted or cursed with powers and abilities exceeding those of their fellows. They know they have been granted these powers; they do not know how. They know they are hunted; they do not know by whom. It is now two months after that morning, when the rain came and changed the world. The characters must now face their role in this new world. It is a task of self-discovery and resolution, of deciding what paths they will take, of coming to grips with their role in a world that does not fully trust them.
GM'd modern "fantasy" / In Nomine RPG
Contact on Reality Fault: Ian
An adventure on the side of the Angels, using Steve Jackson Games' In Nomine system. Set in the "Revelations Cycle" series of prewritten adventures, the game starts with "Night Music," in Austin, Texas -- the Truce City -- but the possibility exists to visit Los Angeles, the Demon City -- or even Hell itself.

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