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Games are run in separate areas called realms. For more information on what the various terms used here mean, please consult the Reality Fault Glossary page.

Retired Games

These are games which, for various reasons, have been retired. Please feel free to enjoy their logs, however. We keep them here in the hopes they will provide inspiration to others.

Birthright: the Succession Wars
Straightforward GM'd fantasy, lots of mythical stuff, possibility of political intrigue.
In a world where a god has come down and enforced peace, his seven sons are chafing at the bit, ready to take over the reins of government -- just as soon as he steps down, or abdicates, or dies, or something -- preferably before he has more children with his latest wife. This is the world into which you were born, the world in which you strive to survive, and improve your lot.
Cosmic Guardians
GM'd Cosmic Synchronicity, modern-fantastic setting.
Contact on Reality Fault: Greg
Cosmic Guardians is a near-future urban fantasy game where the party members are agents in a non-government affiliated Secret Society called the Unnatural Alliance. Comprised of humans, furries, mages, and Unhumans ranging from the undead to aliens, the UA works in secret to protect the innocent public from the Power Games that other secret organizations play for domination and personal power.
GM'd "furry" characters in Japanese fantasy RPG
Cyber'd genetic constructs tossed into a magical alternate medieval Japan
An anime-flavoured generic role-playing game
Fukusei Crystals is a modern fantasy anime adventure game involving ordinary high school students (who attend Fukusei High School) who have recently obtained crystal pendants of various colors. Strange things begin to happen when these crystals activate....
GM'd gritty fantasy
GM'd D&D-style fantasy RPG
In a world of swords, sorcery, death and mayhem, peace must be wrought, wrongs righted. Yet these shades of gray are what make the world -- black and white is as suitable as killing a fly with a hatchet. Generics and originality, darkness and light, oddities and stereotypes are woven together in a tapestry that legends are made of.
Free-form fantasy RPG
A muck-based roleplaying community with a fantasy/spelljammer flavor.
Paradon: The Waking World
D&D 3rd ed. used as a rules system base for a customized world.
On an untamed world with an unknown past a new era begins -- one of exploration and discovery. The people of Paradon have undergone a major setback and much of their civilization has been destroyed, the details forgotten. The world was sent into chaos, and for 90 years since the day that everyone awoke from an amnesic slumber, they have struggled to survive. Survive they have but survival is not enough. Now the children of the forgotten set out to prosper like never before. Exploring uncharted areas of the world and delving into the ruins of what once was, they will find knowledge, power and may unlock the secrets of the past... or the horrors that caused them. This is Paradon.
Scarred Lands
GM'd D&D-style fantasy RPG
Contact on Reality Fault: Matt
A campaign in a new world -- a mixture of Scarred Lands, Greyhawk/Forgotten Realms, and original thought -- with new 1st level characters, some of whom may not survive. This is a traditional dungeon-crawl for at least the first adventure, so bring your longswords and iron rations.
GM'd "furry" swashbuckling RPG
The adventures of the St. Genevieve siblings, dashing young foxes-without-portfolio.

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