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Realms: Neverneverwhere

NPC Dramatis Personae

Fair warning: data listed is as currently known in game-time; said timeline extends over several decades. Some categories are not filled in, as the game has not progressed to that geographical location yet. There will be changes made as more information surfaces in-game. Thus there are spoilers in the Dramatis Personae -- read at your own risk.


  • Corbett's Cross-Continent Caravan
  • The Big Muddy (including the Kingdom of Noveau Baton Rouge, the Queendom of St. Louis, the Mayoralty of Kansas City, the Merchant-Princedom of Chicago, & associated other locales linked by both fealty and the Great River herself)
  • The Eastern Civilities (including Friendsville, Accident, the Bawston city-state, & the Eastern seaboard in general)
  • The Great Plains (encompassing those lands given over entirely to the loosely affiliated Amazon tribes)
  • The Southern Wildlands (including the demesne of the Warlord of New Houston, Onca's jungles, & nearby lands south of the Great Plains)
  • The Western Territories (including Newsanfran, Roseville, Elay, the Western Seaboard, & nearby lands west of the Great Plains)
  • The Unseelie Court (being in another dimension entirely)

Corbett's Cross-Continent Caravan

NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
Alexander (Sokoloff)Human maleTumbler / guardSlender young man, blonde, late teens. Part of the Amazing Flying Sokoloffs, an acrobatic Russ family.
AlgGoblin malealpha of caravan's hunting dog packSquat, broad, black shiny eyes, coarse heavy pelt, short snout, heavily fanged. Viciously effective fighter/hunter; speaks with difficulty. Left King Roy of Noveau Baton Rouge to follow Suraksha; fiercely protective of her.
AmandaCamel femaleDrayage & mountDraws Suraksha's (roses & peacock-feather painted) wagon. Also used by Sulochana as striking, unusual white mount & "scent disguise."
Billy-JoeHuman maleDriver / roustaboutPart of caravan at Suraksha's joining.
Bronco (Sam)Human maleScout / wranglerJeans, buckskin shirt, machete, cowboy hat. Honorable; formerly Houston's, now rides w/ Amazons.
BuddyMinotaur maleCookMassive shoulders, thick neck. Very protective of "his" people, careful of all the varied-species diets needed, devoted to "little" Sura. His big, heavy chuckwagon is drawn by four massive, calm oxen.
Chanticleer (Rosecomb Welsummer Lakenvelder Penedesenca) D'AnverSeelie sidhe (avian / rooster) maleGuard / entertainerPC. Strong glamour, rides Chevrefoil. Of the Burgundy D'Anvers; also known as "La Flèche Noir."
ChevrefoilFey deer maleChanticleer's mountWhite war stag of the bloodline of Trifurcated Antlers. Favors eating, & named for, honeysuckle.
CorbettHuman maleOriginal caravan leadTough, sinewy, tanned; thick white hair in braid down back; beard also braided & tucked into belt. Very sturdy, practical clothing. Appears dangerous to tangle with, from the outside. Hired Suraksha. Deceased.
DanielHuman maleCaravan runnerOrphan. Recent hire, fled Newsanfran due to McNally. Stringy, about 14, being trained by Dominic.
DelSileni femaleLivestock wrangler"Found" by Suraksha running wild with horse herd. Very protective of her non-sapient charges; she's why all caravan livestock is so calm & well-trained.
DominicHuman maleAdvance scout; selects roadsPC. Earth Tap.
EmmetHuman maleDriver / roustaboutMid-20's now. Part of caravan at Dominic's joining, trained Dom.
FantineLoogaroo femaleAccountant apprentice / lady's maid to SulochanaDelicate looking young woman; fiery golden hair with bright blue ends, glowing blue eyes. Shapeshifts into either a floating ball of fire or a shimmering blue light. Friendly, timid; sweet on Buddy; considers Suraksha her empowering bokor, painted her wagon.
FionnHorse maleDray horseClydesdale gelding; with MacCumaill, the caravan's biggest & strongest equine hitch. Del's beloved "big boys."
FranklinHuman maleDriver / roustaboutPart of caravan at Suraksha's joining.
GajaraElephant femaleEntertainer / roustaboutSapient, can 'speak' mentally through physical contact.
JoanHuman femaleCorbett's second; chirugeon & wranglerShort, broad-shouldered; silver-shot chestnut hair; impassive face. Carries broad-bladed knife & small hatchet. Aggressive, no-nonsense, raised a son (who chose to be a farmer) on the trail. Deceased.
("Little") JoeHuman maleAdvance scout to townsBrown eyes; orphan. Was runner when Suraksha was hired; her oldest caravan friend. Plays music for Sabrina & Sura to sing to. Storm/lightning detection Tap.
MacCumaillHorse maleDray horseClydesdale gelding; with Fionn, the caravan's biggest & strongest equine hitch. Del's beloved "big boys."
"Mamma Minta" (Araminta Sokoloff)Human femaleAcrobat / trainerMrs. Sokoloff; she & her family (there are as well at least a yet-unamed small boy, a teen boy, & the patriarch) are the Amazing Flying Sokoloffs.
Moira?? (Fey) femalecurrently unknownNataive form: tiny, huge emerald eyes, pale skin, freckles, wildly curly red hair, slightly pointed ears. English accent; plays a mean fiddle.
Natalya (Sokoloff)Human femaleAcrobat / EntertainerSlender young woman, blonde, late teens. Quite skilled, from the Amazing Flying Sokoloffs, acrobat family of Russ descent.
OhkwariManitou maleCaravan packmasterHuge, powerful, shaggy man. Native American Bear spirit; shifts into Kodiak bear. Roy knows the bear form only as "Bear," not that it is Ohkwari.
Oksana (Sokoloff)Human femaleGajara's chosen mahoutSlender young woman, blonde, late teens. Slightly lame, from the Amazing Flying Sokoloffs, acrobat family of Russ descent.
Pippa (Philippa)Human femaleAmazonAthletic, always well-armed. With her shield-sister Hippolyta, warrior when traveling & horse-back acrobat when entertaining. Loves belly-dancing for the caravanners with Sura & Poly.
Poly (Hippolyta)Human femaleAmazon, caravan captain of the guardAthletic, always well-armed. With her shield-sister Philippa, warrior when traveling & horse-back acrobat when entertaining. Loves belly-dancing for the caravanners with Sura & Pippa.
SabrinaHuman femaleManages bunk-wagonOlder; strikingly beautiful; long, black & gray-streaked, curly ponytail; East-coast "old money." Jeans, boots, & frilly tops. Loves traveling, performing; mothers other caravanners.
SammyHuman maleDriver / roustaboutPart of caravan at Dominic's joining; left for home at Cairo.
Sna'thaid Mho'r ("Gramma Marcie")Unseelie sidhe (insect / dragonfly) femaleCaravan accountant / bookkeeperOpalescent androgynous body, four arms, compound eyes, dragonfly wings, fine shimmery hair. Suraksha's godsmother, former Underworld assassin in NE of continent, now caravanning for fun.
(Sulochana Xopuchmata Jyotsana) Suraksha (Sesha)Shapeshifter femaleCaravan Leader, HetaeraPC. Indian ethnic descent, can shift into half-ton tiger form.
SuzeHuman femaleHealerSturdy, mid-30's.
TonnerreDog maleHunting / guardSturdy, quite large, part of Alg's pack. Described as half sheepdog, half elephant. Friendly, likes jumping up on unwary folks.
Zachariah (Benedictus)Human maleroustabout / driverAbout 17 years old, sweet on Fantine, ran away from Roseville for love. Currently owns only somber black clothing, broad-brimmed black hat. Nephew & former sidekick to Puritannical Mayor Aurelius.

The Big Muddy

(including the Kingdom of Noveau Baton Rouge, the Queendom of St. Louis, the Mayoralty of Kansas City, the Merchant-Princedom of Chicago, & associated other locales linked by both fealty and the Great River herself)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
Abigail (Madison-Williams)Human femaleMember of Roy's CourtAbout 18, good-humored, sweet on Travis, slightly intimidated by her formidable mother.
("Cap'n") Al (Aloysius)Human maleCaptain of a river-plying cattle-bargeEasy-going, Southern drawl; proud of his well-designed wooden Mississippi barge; doesn't mind supernaturals.
AlanHuman maleJacko's secondExtremely skinny, wiry man; his family suffered from Moynahan's drug trade. Very loyal; knows Roy will always take care of him & his family. "Celebrity crush" on the White Dagger.
AleneHuman femaleRoy's daughterInfant; Guy's twin, deceased. See Jacqueline.
("Frere") AlphonseHuman maleCatholic priestPragmatic man: grows his own food, does cathedral repairs himself; cathedral glorifies Jesus' joy, not agony. Sturdy vestments, often slightly earth-smudged. Unruffled by presence of other non-Catholic clery.
Billy RayHuman maleRoy's HuntsmanTall, blonde, broad-shouldered; cares for Roy's wolfish dogpack.
ClaudeHuman malePalace guardSmart, sturdy, quietly dedicated; not Roy's favorite but still competent. Met while guarding Froid Jacques; was also at the 'assassination test' ball.
("Madame") de CygneUnseelie sidhe (avian / swan) femaleSt. Louis nobilityPatroness of the arts renown for her social affairs. Friend of Lady Sna'thaid Mho'r.
DaoudHuman maleOne of Roy's personal guardTall, slender, competent, young, serious mien. Forgettable but for extensive tattooing: water moccasin on neck, magnolia on forehead, gravestones on cheeks.
DroogHuman male"Freetrader"Leathery skin, grizzled whiskers, bald, older; one of Lafayette's suppliers. Stubborn, greedy, wily, bigoted against supernaturals. Apparently a "black" bokor; deceased.
("King") EacharnPooka (river-horse) maleCurrent king of St. LouisLarge, broad shoulders, narrow hips; very athletic. Ruddy skin, deep chestnut hair in neat ponytail. Dark, wide-set eyes; face is slightly long nosed & square-jawed. Wants 'Chana to rule his city.
EdouardNonhuman? maleMember of Roy's personal guard"Irish twins" w/Guillaume: both are small, dark-skinned, almost identical. Mentally linked with Guillaume; can track like a bloodhound. Younger by 10 months.
ElijahHuman maleMember of Roy's personal guardYoung, dedicated, enthusiastic; big blonde Scandinavian physical type. Good Southern boy, sweet on Jyotsana. Quite startled at open-hand training with her, but willing to learn.
ElmoreHuman maleMerchantDue to excellent contacts, tends to corner the silk market in Noveau Baton Rouge. Has trade agreements with Suraksha; would like to hire Sulochana.
("Queen") EloiseHuman femaleHereditary queen of St. LouisEacharn's former mistress & rider; strong, good queen for about 50 years. Deceased.
Emily (Laurent)Human femaleNoveau Baton Rouge nobilityDeceased; died aiding Roy in battle for Noveau Baton Rouge. Renoir blames Roy for her death.
Ethan (Madison-Williams)Human maleOne of Roy's palace guardsNice boy, well-meaning, about 16 years old; completely cowed by his formidable mother.
Gerard ("Ger")Human maleFormerly of Roy's guardStocky, medium height, brown skin, curly hair cropped close. One of Mami Chat's agents.
("Captain") GeorgeHuman maleCaptain of Roy's paddle riverboat Proud MaryFiftyish, impressive muttonchop sideburns, strong Louisiana accent. Dapper & neatly-pressed uniform, very proud of his beautiful & well-maintained ship, one of the few remaining working paddle riverboats on the Mississippi.
George (Flewelling Heckwroth)Human maleLandlord of La Grange, an outlying fiefdom of ChicagoLoyal to the Lord of Chicago. Slightly stout, goodhearted, true gentleman: honorable, honest, protective of the ladies... & unfortunately also teensy bit dull. Sweet on Melanie.
GeorgeHalf-ogre maleFormerly one of Roy's guardGlamoured as the 'original' guard George: very tall, pale, completely hairless face. Native form: as ugly & violent as ogres, but shorter. Worked for Mami Chat. Deceased.
Geraldine (Pumphrey)Nonhuman? femaleMayor of Kansas CityTall, regal, 40ish; silver-threaded chestnut hair; brown eyes. Has "history" with Roy; possessive & prone to jealousy. Also prone to boytoys.
GuillaumeNonhuman? maleMember of Roy's personal guard"Irish twins" w/Edouard: both are small, dark-skinned, almost identical. Mentally linked with Edouard; can track like a bloodhound. Older by 10 months.
GuyHuman maleRoy's sonInfant, Alene's twin, deceased. See Jacqueline.
GuyWerewolf maleOne of Roy's personal guardIn trouble with Unseelie Court, spooked by Xopuchmata; first met at Madame de Cygne's ball.
HermosoHorse maleRoy's mountLipizzaner stallion, part of the king's prized breeding stock.
InariUnseelie sidhe (mammalian / fox) femalePrima ballerinaLithe, athletic, feminine; creamy skin lightly freckled, amber eyes, thick russet fox brush. Based in St. Louis, sweet on Chanticleer.
JackoHuman maleCaptain of Roy's personal guardScarred face, black, former victim of Moynahan's slave trading. Long-suffering at Roy's shenanigans, but also doggedly loyal; knows Roy will always take care of him & his family.
JacquelineHuman femaleRoy's wifeRaised with Roy as children, a year younger; blue eyes. Died defending their infant twins (Alene & Guy) from O'Reilly's men. Deceased; Roy believes Moynahan was the one who killed her.
("Froid") Jacques ("Jack-o-Ice")Human maleVoudon hounganLong, heavy, knee-length plaits intertwined with beads, dyed hemp, & small bones; held in place by batik scarf. Long rainbow-dyed robe embroidered with intertwined white, & rainbow, serpents. Fluid, serpentine way of walking. Devotee of Damballa.
JakeHuman maleFormer personal guard to RoyMuddy green-brown eyes. Part of Moynahan's assassination conspiracy foiled by Sulochana, carried an expensive, lightning-casting Tap gun usable by non-Taps; likely deceased.
JeffreyHuman maleOne of Geraldine's boytoysBeautiful, young, wavy dark-blond hair, mustache & goatee. Bit of a roving eye; charming but rather empty.
JerHuman maleFormer personal guard to RoyRuddy skin, dark hair. Part of Moynahan's assassination conspiracy foiled by Sulochana; likely deceased.
John (D'Amato)Human maleOne of Roy's personal guardIncredibly nondescript, comfortable in any social situation; could blend into any crowd. Quick on the uptake. Part of Roy's trusted cadre, been with the king for 5 years. Part of Roy's "assassination test" attempt.
(Robert) KeynesNonhuman (brownie?) maleRoy's vet & farrierSmall, round-faced, slight limp, gruff, older; taught Roy about horses while working for Geraldine Pumphrey.
Lafayette (Carrefour)Human maleWholesalerNot his real name. Honest, not entirely legal trade from deeper South along Big Muddy. Contraband only in transshipment. Doesn't deal with Moynahan.
LisbetHuman femaleMaidOne of two women who do most of the housekeeping & care of Roy at his mansion "palace." Kidnapped by Droog, rescued by Chanticleer & Sna'thaid.
Missus Livy (Mrs. Olivia Madison-Williams)Human femaleSociety matronStout, formidable, well-bred, social-climber, mostly good-hearted. Determined to marry Abigail to Roy.
"Mami Chat"Human femaleBokorCursed Roy's house, murdered Mother Therese; Droog's handler. Blamed Roy for deaths of those who helped him become king: Lamar (her grandson?), Emily, Aaron, Carson, Zeb, & more. Lived in swamp past Lafayette; deceased.
MaryHuman femalePrincess of Noveau Baton RougeSmall, incredibly shy, abandoned by Tap-fearing parents in Chicago area. When upset, loses control of her abilities; currently adopted by & apprenticing with Roy. Water Tap.
MaryHuman femaleOne of Roy's guardShort, stocky woman with dark skin & close-shorn hair. Name is possible alias.
MelindaHuman femaleMaidOne of two women who do most of the housekeeping & care of Roy at his mansion "palace."
Melanie (DuPont)Human femaleRoy's escort to the Chicago wedding festivitiesPretty, charming although not terribly bright; true Southern lady. Sweet on George. Her family runs some of the shipping in Noveau Baton Rouge.
(Aloysius W.) MoynahanHuman male"Underworld" bossPale skin, carrot-red hair, thick curly sideburns, stout. Dresses excellently; it doesn't help. Vicious, determined, extremely jealous of Roy's success; hates non-humans. Quite willing to dabble in the uglier side of trade others will not touch, i.e. slavery, kidnapping, hard drugs, etc. Deceased.
O'ReillyHuman maleSmall-time crime bossRoy's & Moynahan's former gang leader when they were still teens; had Roy's wife & infants killed. Deceased.
Peace EagleHuman maleClan LeaderLiving with his clan just off the Big Muddy between Baton Rouge & St. Louis, in a social experiment based on peace.
PierceHuman maleRoy's chirugeonFormer battle-surgeon, fighter, & old friend of Roy's; heavy leather armor, well-balanced backpack surgery kit. Scarred face: 3 parallel lines on each cheek & forehead. Likes collecting butterflies. Weak healing Tap; offended at misuse of Tap abilities.
PierreHuman maleOne of the palace guardsHelped Chanticleer take down Renoir Laurent's conspirators.
René (Beauchamp)Human male"Swamp rat"Roy's estranged brother, unseen for at least a decade. Prefers swamps to cities. As children, fought with Roy using rebar; Roy still has the scar.
Renoir (Laurent)Human maleNobility "wanna-be"Weedy, intense dark eyes, not subtle. Forced Sulochana & Chanticleer into poisoning assassination attempt on Roy. At least 5 other nobility wanna-be confederates. Possibly deceased.
("King") Roy (Lee Beauregard Beauchamp)Human maleSelf-styled king of Noveau Baton RougeStrong face, thick mustache & sideburns, dark thick wavy hair, blue eyes; broad shoulders, slim hips; Cajun accent; cocky, brash, charming rogue. Also actually a good & effective ruler by now. Water Tap.
Ruby (Bascom)Human femaleCourtierShort, buxom, cheerful; excellent zydeco dancer. Gleefully taught King Eacharn at Sulochana's request.
Selene (Duchesne)Human femaleCourtierTall, slender, dark brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes. One of Renoir's confederates.
SimoneHuman femaleDevotee of DamballahLarge, blue-black skin, very white teeth, motherly face; powerful heart chakra; sing-song accent. Colorful scarf/turban, loose white dress cinched at the waist w/bright red & blue scarf.
TheophileHuman maleRoy's chefCajun, cooks on the spicy side, likes Sulochana since she appreciates his cooking.
("Mother") ThereseHuman femaleNative American shamanVery old: white hair, deep wrinkles, smiling face, warm laugh. Simple white dress, colorful lace shawl. Deceased.
TravelerHorse male (gelding)Jacko's horseRangy, raw-boned, militarily experienced, unflappable.
TravisHuman maleMember of Roy's personal guardYoung, dedicated, enthusiastic; thin, rangy, honey-brown hair, dark brown eyes. Good Southern boy: believes he's god's gift to women & warriors. Sweet on Abigail. Considers himself quite the fencer; rather startled after sword-training with Sna'tha, but willing to learn.

The Eastern Civilities

(including Friendsville, Accident, the Bawston city-state, & the Eastern seaboard in general)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
AbishaiShifter wolf-family maleFriendsville pack betaHuman: tall, sturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful; wolf: not yet mentioned. Appears about 17 years old, probably early 30s; brother to Isaiah. Offered pasture to Amanda; handles town livestock.
AdamHuman wolf-family maleCarter's apprenticeSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Carves intricate animal figures; Sulochana won one for her children at the Friendsville Celebration.
EbHuman maleChild from AccidentWell tanned, brown eyes; patched coat. Maybe 5 years old; accompanied by friendly shaggy dog; pointed out the "ghost," or boundary/way, rocks.
EliasHuman wolf-family maleServes Malachai w/ SelahSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful, about 15 or 16 years old. Creates lovely glass suncatchers; offered the cakes in the mating ceremony. Selah's son?
EnochHuman maleChild from FriendsvilleSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Maybe 5 years old; Samson's grandson.
GabrielShifter wolf-family maleFriendsville wolf-heartedHuman: not yet mentioned; wolf: not yet mentioned.
GideonHuman wolf-family maleFriendsville childSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Nathaniel's son, maybe 3 years old; no apparent mother.
HannahHuman wolf-family femaleunknownSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Manned the martial staff booth at the Friendsville Celebration.
(Aunt) HattieHuman femaleEb's slightly gossipy auntNot yet met; believes there are ghosts in the forest between Accident and Friendsville.
IsiahHuman wolf-family maleunknownTall, sturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Early 20s, brother to Abishai.
KeturahShifter wolf-family femaleFriendsville wolf-heartedHuman: not yet mentioned; wolf: pale charcoal-gray. Very calm. Prefers wolf form; best friends with Rachel.
Malachai SeiberShifter wolf-family maleLong-time Friendsville thane & alphaJust over 100 years old. Human: neatly trimmed silver hair, long white beard w/ streaks of reddish-blonde, barrel-chested, strongly planed face, honey-brown eyes, graceful; wolf: approximately 150 pound wolf; silver fur, tawny eyes. Former wife Hepzebah and child died over 50 years ago.
MeshekShifter wolf-family maleFriendsville wolf-heartedHuman: big, burly, sandy blonde; wolf: sandy-blonde pelt. Short-tempered, young, impatient. Submitted to Sulochana in tiger form, in pack hierarchy battle.
NathanielHuman wolf-family maleunknownSturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful, young. Gideon's father; wife died in childbirth? Sulochana snapped at him while protecting Alg.
PhoebeShifter wolf-family femaleFriendsville wolf-heartedHuman: not yet mentioned; wolf: not yet mentioned.
Rachel SeiberHuman wolf-family femaleTrader between Friendsville & AccidentTall, sturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful; about 16 years old. Malachai's great great grandaughter & Vashti's grandaughter; deceased mother also shifter. Believes it's time for the entire town/pack to become less reclusive. Sweet on Chanticleer.
RassmussenHuman femaleMatriarchFormer leader of cross-continental caravan; retired. Her offspring started up caravaning again, but stick to the Eastern Civilities.
RufusShifter wolf-family maleFriendsville wolf-heartedHuman: not yet mentioned; wolf: reddish-blonde coat. Young, low ranking wolf, prefers wolf form. Sulochana snapped at him while protecting Alg.
RuthHuman wolf-family femaleunknownRachel's main competition in martial staff.
SamsonHuman wolf-family maleFriendsville blacksmithVery tall, broad, strong, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful. Enoch's grandfather.
SelahShifter wolf-family femaleServes Malachai w/ EliasHuman: tall, sturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful; wolf: not yet mentioned. Looks about 17 years old, probably early 30's. Offered the herbal shifting drink during the mating ceremony. Elias' mother?
'Thuse (Methuselah)Human wolf-family maleEldest of FriendsvilleTall; seamed, sun-tanned face; white hair, bright blue eyes; arthritis-gnarled hands. Broad-brimmed black wool hat; used to be an axe-man. Ran the darts stall at the Friendsville Celebration.
Vashti SeiberShifter wolf-family femaleFriendsville pack betaHuman: tall, sturdy, blonde, blue-eyed, graceful; wolf: smaller version of Malachai. Malachai's granddaughter, Rachel's grandmother.

The Great Plains

(encompassing those lands given over entirely to the loosely affiliated Amazon tribes)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
BoudicaHuman femaleAmazon clan-leaderSteel-gray hair, bronzed skin, lined face; regal demeanor. Warned the caravan about Pearl.
Tomyris ("Girl")Human femaleAmazon WarladyHippolytpa's mother; Suraksha is her hearth-lady.
"Pearl"UnknownSupernatural predatorHuman form: small girl; monstrous form: hard to see or kill. Cold-bodied, insectile, pale; super-attenuated, long, thin limbs; lumious dead-green eyes, fangs. Uses fog, shapeshifting, foxfire, & terror to disorient, capture, & consume its victims. Susceptible to light, fire, steel & salt.

The Southern Wildlands

(including the demesne of the Warlord of New Houston, Onca's jungles, & nearby lands south of the Great Plains)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
OncaJaguar maleProtective tribal deityExtremely large and beautifully marked jaguar. Lost all his people during & after the Great Dying Off. Re-growing in power as Sulochana sends good people; Papa Sokoloff & Mama Minta eventually retire there.
"The Warlord"Human maleWarlord of city-state of New HoustonGreedy, brutal, expansionistic; uses kidnapping, extortion, & army to seize lands around his. His abused son vanished mysteriously during the disastrous campaign against Noveau Baton Rouge.

The Western Territories

(including Newsanfran, Roseville, Elay, the Western Seaboard, & nearby lands west of the Great Plains)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
("Abraxas") CullenSeelie sidhe (mammalian / horse) maleSeelie living outside eastern Donner Pass trading postHuman: youngish, long red ponytail, pale gold skin, barefoot, lazy drawl. Buckskins w/ beaded fringe, carries quarterstaff. Equine: hooved, long tail & ears, completely dark eyes, long soft nose.
Akane (Rabhya Rajdulari Lopa Saudamini Amitrasudan) Sesha ("Fearsome Grandmother")Shapeshifter femalePartner in Sesha trading familySuraksha's grandmother, not yet met. Came to Newsanfran years ago, survived Great Dying-off with Sna'tha, started (& still maintains) Sesha trading empire.
AmeliaHuman femaleQuartermistress of eastern Donner Pass trading postMedium height, sturdy, round face; solemn, hair in practical bun.
(Thomas Moore) AureliasHuman maleCurrent Roseville mayorSomber black clothing, white buttoned-up shirt, broad-brimmed black hat. Elected on "anti-vagrant" platform; using Old Testament rituals to "cleanse" the area.
(Jerome) Bradley (Bringer of Night & Passion)Manitou (night & hunger) maleRoseville entrepreneurDresses casually, salt-&-pepper hair. Very controlled, singivore from willing subjects only. Geographically linked, struggling to keep Roseville from Puritan strangulation.
CharlesHuman maleBodyguard / retainerYoung man working for Bradley protecting his daughter & friends.
DavidHuman maleBodyguard / retainerYoung man working for Bradley protecting his daughter & friends.
Diana (Bradley)?? femaleBradley's daughterTen years old when met, soft whispery voice, very polite child. Mother (earth-related supernatural) died at birth. Crush on Dominic.
(Marcus) ElliottHuman maleBradley's factor / retainerRespectably dressed, older, walks with cane & pronounced limp. Remembers the caravan from past years.
JennyBog nymphWild fae outside eastern Donner Pass trading postGreen skin, moss-tangled hair, wrapped in greenery, sharp ears & teeth. Carries wooden shovel, very good at 'no see me' glamour. Lilting accent, watery-bubbly voice. Formerly from New Orleans area, left when ocean came in during Great Dying Off. Close friend of Lloyd's.
Ko MatsuiHuman maleCaravan leaderFormer leader of one of the vanishingly small number of cross-continental caravans. Entire caravan gone missing, lost in the Rockies.
LloydGiant stoat maleWild fae outside eastern Donner Pass trading postBipedal when not running; shaggy, prints are 4" across. Very good at 'no see me' glamour. "Projects" speech as if from air slightly above & in front of him. Close friend of Jenny's.
Long Cloud BoysHuman malesYouth gangTattooed like New Zealanders; native to Newsanfran. Unsuccessfully 'set up' Corbett to have quartz cargo stolen back for them.
Long Wave DivingMermaidTrader of deep sea luxury item retrievalsGreen-blue skin, shark-like jagged teeth, seaweed-like hair. Sura's Amma trades for gold jewelry with her.
McNallyHuman maleMob bossHandles hard-drug-related Newsanfran Underworld through connections to South American drug lords; hunting Daniel. Vindictive, vicious, relatively recent on the scene.
MosesGolem (earth) 'male'Elliott's assistantBradley's creation for protection. Respectably dressed, carries Elliott's old-style leather paperwork bag.
NinaHuman femaleBradley's housekeeperOlder woman, mentioned in passing; she & Sally care for Diana before breakfast, while Moses guards her after.
Nhung Quan (Lanh-)Sesha ("Papai")Theriomorph (leopard) malePartner, bodyguard/ enforcer for Sesha trading familySuraksha's father, & her mother's husband; not yet met. Golden-green eyes, otherwise Asian appearance. Came to Newsanfran to hunt & court the "Spirit Cat."
ReginaEarth nymphWild fae outside eastern Donner Pass trading post5'+, dark hair & skin, solid build, feet always planted in earth. Dressed in colorful moving earth daubs. Can creat sinkholes, walk through earth; possibly Diana's relative through departed sister.
SallyHuman femaleDiana's nannyYounger woman, Diana's surrogate mother; cares for her with Nina, also makes all Diana's clothes. Rather likes Dominic.
(Jayashri Rakshasamardini Rishima) Savitashri (Joshila Jagati) Sesha(-Lanh) ("Amma") ("Spirit Cat")Shapeshifter femalePartner, bodyguard/ enforcer in Sesha trading familySuraksha's mother, not yet met. Born & raised in Newsanfran, prefers snow leopard form when hunting. Helps maintain Sesha trading empire.
StephenDwarf maleNew trader at eastern Donner Pass trading postDark skin & hair, built short & sturdy. Used to be Prince Stefan. Nicely dressed, extremely suspicious of caravan; antagonized wild fae around trading post with plans to burn out underbrush.
("Venerable") YingHuman femalePractitioner of Chinese herbal medicinesAncient, extremely proper & courteous. Purveyor of traditional herbal remedies to Sesha family. Granddaughter to Earth Tap freed from local Yakuza by Fearsome Grandmother.

The Unseelie Court

(being in another dimension entirely)
NameSpecies/ GenderJobNotes
???? maleOne of Morganna's stableboysGangly, ruddy, untidy carroty hair sticking out from beneath cap. Good with gryphons.
??Red-cap maleOne of Morganna's stableboysSmall, wiry, dark skin, large hands, eyes too large for face.
AlbinGryphon maleSemi-sapient mountWinged, golden fur, big cat hindquarters, bald eagle head. Somewhat flighty.
AuroraUnseelie sidhe/bear halfbreed? femaleMorganna's armorerVery brawny, short shaggy brown hair, round shaggy ears high on head; reddened tan skin from forge, small eyes, heavy black claw-nails, deliberate movement, deep rumbly voice. Pragmatic clothing; completely loyal to Morganna.
Ciaran?? maleOne of Morganna's groomsLooks as if made of gnarled, knotted wood; creaky-rumbly voice. Wears gloves.
GuaireUnseelie sidhe male (??/??)Morganna's current husbandPower-hungry, jealous bully, cruel to those weaker than himself.
HorusGryphon maleSemi-sapient mountWinged, golden fur, big cat hindquarters, hawk's head. Smallest of three gryphons.
JongleurUnseelie ?? maleOccasional messenger for MorgannaSomething between a rabbit & a squirrel; tufted ears, hand-like paws, long mobile tail, large violet eyes. Swift, very simple speech, short memory, friendly, adores helping.
MaraNightmareBound by Guaire to hunt NuadhaTerror-drinker, flyer, very strong, affinity for shadows; somewhat allergic to salt, holy water, & sunlight; arrows will harm but not kill. Its call sounds like howling laughter.
MorgannaUnseelie sidhe female (??/??)QueenTall, slim, very pale skin, very dark long hair, sharp-featured & lovely face, yellow eyes, red lips. Prefers dramatic, tight, slinky dress & high heels. Dark gems float at her throat w/out chain.
NuadhaUnseelie flyer maleMorganna's current belovedWhite-blond, blue-eyed, fine-featured, heavily muscled shoulders & chest, huge white-feathered wings. Thick silver bands at ankles & wrists. Gentle, magical affinity for snow.
SovaUnseelie chameleon ?? femaleScholarSlender, pale green skin, slightly bulbous eyes which work independently, quick darting motions, balancing tail, sibilant voice, sort-of fin folded down curve of skull. Not iron-poisoned, aids Aurora in forge; good at magical defense, terrified of nightmare.
TriumphGryphon maleSemi-sapient mountWinged, golden fur, big cat hindquarters, golden eagle head. Steady, calmest gryphon in Morganna's stables, battle-trained.

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