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Realms: Indigo

NPC Dramatis Personae

  • Dr. Zildjian Sidhe, lamia
    Zildjian is a lamia who was eventually collared by Texans and used as a slave on their ship, The Yellow Rose until the shuttle crashed on Crossroads. The shuttle's human crewmembers were killed by The Wild Hunt, who also accidentally freed the lamia of her collar. She was befriended by Aykuh, and has been a useful resource for the PCs.

  • Aykuhbowmedchen, dryad
    Usually known as Akyuh, she is the dryad/owner of The Silver Egg, where Zildjian and the PCs tend to meet. She is friendly, and interested in these impatient other people.

  • Larrikan of the Swift Folk, Shy folk (fox)
    Larrikan is a member of the Shy Folk. Unlike most of his people, he is not interested in travelling, and wants to stay by the university and get advanced degrees in magery. Despite being well meaning and trying hard, the studies come slowly to him. He is well mannered, friendly, and curious. He has fallen in love with the PC vixen Sakura. His name is a mutation of "larrikin", meaning: a mischievous or frolicsome youth. Mischief follows him wherever he goes, like it or not.

  • Hotspur, minotaur
    Hotspur is one of the minotaur people. He went off on walkabout and became rather entranced with this area -- and specifically with Akyuh. It is not likely he will return home. He is strong, and can be fearsome, but is also gentle, and makes a point to make sure everyone remembers to eat and takes care of themselves, sort of a large, bovine mother hen.

  • Annifred, troll
    Annifred is a youngish, female troll. She took a liking right away to the PC cougar, Douglas, dubbing him 'strong-pretty-feets', and soon thereafter took him home to meet the family. The family cheerfully approved of the cougar, as he's both nice and furry and capable of withstanding the cheerful bashing the trolls dish out as their regular greeting. Douglas was later adopted by the trollhome, and it was renamed to reflect this, the Broken Horn Trollhome.

  • Blue, human
    Blue is a college student at the university, studying artwork. She is quiet, shy, polite and proper. She very shyly likes Vash, and has tried to introduce him to the world. She finds him a fascinating subject, and likes his gentleness, even though he is also quite strong and tough. Rather than let him go off to something dangerous, and lose him forever, she took him home after the Gather. She was worried she was too forward. She has handfasted with him now, and is very pleased by this.

  • Hallifred, troll
    Hallifred is a distant relative of Annifred, and the elder troll from the next-farthest-away trollhome. He, like all other trolls, is cheerful and positive. Unlike most, he is much older, and very strong and quite stony skinned. He is wise, and helped the PCs on their way to recover their stolen shuttlecraft. He saw they were badly set up for the world on their own, and outfitted them from the trollhome's own stores, refusing to accept their bad luck for his refusing to share.

  • Aedaith, Shy Folk (fox)
    Aedaith is an ex-lover of Larrikan's. She is friendly and very touchy, and doesn't quite understand why Sakura is so uncomfortable with her being around. Older sister of Feina, current sweetie of Bandé. Aedaith pleaded with Sakura to watch out for Feina who traveled with them.

  • Bandé, Shy Folk (fox)
    Bandé is another fox, travelling with Aedaith, and her current sweetie. Their partnership is anything but permanent, but he does genuinely like her. He also thinks Sakura is quite pretty and would be happy to get to know her better, if that didn't make her uncomfortable. He feels much the same about Larrikan.

  • Feina, Shy Folk (fox)
    Feina is a young vixen, full of energy, joie de vivre, and curiosity, she is perky and energetic and -- horribly -- a morning person. She is Aedaith's little sister, and very much wants to be grown up and independent. Larrikan asked her to travel with the group when he couldn't go, and she implored upon Vash to allow her to come. He did, and she appreciates that a great deal. She respects Vash, and finds him a formidable yet friendly person, and is happy to show the strange one the ways of the forest. She likes Sakura a great deal, and wants to be more like the brave, strong, heroic vixen.

  • Cat, sphinx
    The Cat, as she allows her friends to call her, met Vash in a dream, where he helped her. They later met at the University, where she read their dreams and tried to help them understand their quest. She is immortal, persnickety, capricious, and carnivorous. She likes Vash, and the rest of the group is okay because of that. Larrikan is terrified of her. She is a Dreamwalker, and can see into people's dreams, although she does so usually only with their consent. She is a Professor at the University.

  • Drakeris of Kanjerkan, human
    Drakeris is a local overlord who had the Horn and controlled The Wild Hunt. He had them steal Alshain, which has been located and the crew recovered, lest it cause much damage in the wrong hands. In the recovery, he was killed, by the Hunt it's self, as they were freed.

  • University staff
    There are several university professors whose names I've forgotten. See the logs.

  • Schnel'pkebaov'qkgard'dow, drake
    The drakes are a fearsome group of flying creatures who usually leave other sapients alone, but sometimes eat them or their livestock. Dow, as she is called in shorthand, is a runt, and came to the University looking for help when her flock turned her out as unsuitable to breed and live. Her mother supports her and took her away rather than having them kill her. As a small drake, Dow is only seven feet long, with a ten foot tail, four feet of neck, and about five yards of wings. She can fly, which fascinates Kerry.

  • Schnel'pkebaov'qkgard'kal, drake
    Kal is Dow's mother. She is a full sized drake. She does not quite understand these tiny people, but she is glad they have taken in her daughter and that she has found a place with them. She comes to visit when she can -- and when she doesn't think she will be shot at as a menace. She is green, with about a twenty foot long body, thirty feet of tail, a ten foot long neck, and maybe ten yards of wings. She is quite large.

  • Travelling trolls
    There are a number of trolls who were travelling to and from the Gather that the PCs met them at, in three large and scary trollish trucks. They are named here, along with what truck they were in, along with notes regarding anything special about them, and their gender. The crew (Vash, Kerry, Sakura, Douglas, and the NPCs Kawaii and Feina) rode in truck 1.

    Name Gender Truck Notes
    Hallifred Male 1 Group leader. See above.
    Dotta Female 1 Driver.
    Thora Male 1 Driver.
    Arnfinn Male 2 Driver.
    Ingrid Female 2 Driver.
    Yngvar Male 2  
    Katla Female 2 Likes Kerry.
    Sigwulf Male 2  
    Styrkar Male 2  
    Halldis Female 2 Likes Kerry.
    Gudrun Female 2  
    Valgerd Female 2  
    Alfdis Female 3 Driver.
    Thorkel Male 3 Driver.

  • Dr. Susan Laws
    Dr. Laws is the head of an anthropological team studying Crossroads for the Federated Civilizations. She contacted the crew by radio, and sent representatives to speak to them.

  • Hrolf, troll
    Troll from the Broken Horn trollhome. Helps mend Wise Woman's well.

  • Thurn, troll
    Troll. Nominal leader of the Broken Horn trollhome. Coordinates many things, and tries to fill the role of learned and wise troll.

  • Ragna, human
    Ragna, more commonly simply referred to as 'Wise Woman' is the Karlstrasse witch. She knows the local medicine, herbs, and poultices, as well as a few of the simpler healing and curing charms. Everybody knows her, likes her, and both wants her help and helps her. She is an older, respected human.

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