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Game Background

As adult and intelligent free citizens of the USA, you've gotten good, broad educations. Most uplifts in other, less rational countries are taught only their job skills and that their place in society is to slavishly serve humanity. As a single example, the Republic of Texas is rumored to be almost as cruel to its uplifts as some of the Middle Eastern countries. Fortunately you don't live there.

History wasn't really considered that important in your education, but you have enough to be able to hold your own in a conversation. You know the important things -- like the US being established in 1776, back when there were only 13 states, and the first American Civil War being fought over the issue of ethnic slavery. You know that the first and second World Wars were fought because the European Union wasn't a union then, didn't have its internal affairs in order, and needed the good ole US of A to kick out the Russian Alliance of States for them, and that the third World War was important for two reasons. One, uplifts were created then to fight for the USA and the EU against the envious and bankrupt Third World nations that attacked them; and two, it caused the second American Civil War a generation or so later, when dangerous malcontents and immigrants split off to form the Republic of Texas.

The Republic of Texas, of course, is headed along the same economic path as the Third World countries of both pre-WWIII and today. After conquering Central America and annexing most of the southern US states the Texans re-established slavery so they could continue to live in a sloppy and hedonistic style, at the expense of the poor uplifts and ethnics in their territories. Poor hygiene, poor economic planning, abusive government... it's the usual reasons why other countries aren't as fortunate as you and the USA. Most disgusting, of course, is how the Texans flaunt it -- their national seal sports the crossed automatic rifle and electronic slave collar! Barbaric.

Economically speaking, the Russian Alliance (as usual) is having internal troubles with its smaller states, so is rather too busy currently to look outwards. You've heard rumors that most of their few technological advances are stolen from the EU (and by extension, us) by spies. Those are whispers you don't want to repeat, though, since we don't want our EU friends to feel we don't trust their security. Still, it's comforting to know the Alliance just isn't as technologically advanced as we. There is some public speculation in the news that the Chin Empire will start nibbling around the edges of the Alliance, in fact, so that should keep them busy for a while as well. Your guess might be that that's about as much as the Chin Empire can handle, of course, considering they've degenerated into a feudal state on the level of the Middle Eastern bloc -- starving peasants and uplifts, supporting through slave labor a bloated and oppressive aristocracy that blows their national income on weapons bought from other countries, one of which is the Republic of Texas. That's a creepy feeling... knowing uplift slavery is so close to your home -- but at least there's the comforting knowledge that the USA welcomes all escaped slaves as free citizens to its borders.

The Pele Confederation is the only other government of note here in the middle of the 21st Century... but considering how hedonistic and isolationist they are, who knows what they're doing? Living like savages on the islands, in a hand to mouth existence... you've no idea why they've not been snapped up by a more rational government yet.

Fortunately, the USA and the EU are recovering nicely from the vicious attacks of the Third World fanatics. They've rebuilt all their factories and bases and cities (with free labor, not slave!), their technology level is once again well above that of pre-WWIII, and their international alliance is strong against the Chin Empire. There are rumors that true AIs could happen any day now, and medical advances that made the creation of the uplifts feasible will soon be possible again. The reports of the new space ship engines are very exciting indeed, even if they seem somewhat conflicting... but let's face it, adventure in the time of exploration requires dedication and sacrifice. You're fortunate to be part of this thrilling enterprise, in this magnificent country, at this very point in time -- it's an exhilarating world you live in!

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