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Synopses of Past Literary Discussions

Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand

Some of the suggestions made and discussed were duels between skills that would not ordinarily be used, i.e. instead of the standard sword fight one might resolve a conflict within a game with a well-described and choreographed battle of poetry, calligraphy, or cooking (thank you, Iron Chef! ;-).

Other suggestions of themes or ideas that might be included in a game were the GM having a secret admirer for a PC, or one of the PCs choosing to be the secret admirer; causing one's PC to have to make difficult decisions where the 'right' choice involves some personal PC pain, as a means of thoughtful character development; setting up an interesting role-playing situation where a loner worthy of respect (either PC or NPC) is given cause to slowly realize they can let their defensive walls down and trust.

Creating characters was also discussed... player characters who, despite vast skill in one arena, also make mistakes, and/or have disadvantages or character flaws which help them have more depth and complexity in their personalities; and finally, the suggestion was made of having a maddening secret enemy, as long as eventually the PC is given the opportunity to discover who this is and decisively set things right again.

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