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Manipulating Log Editing Password Files

The .htpasswd file

The following is how to manipulate the contents of the .htpasswd file, so that it will manage the valid log editing passwords for you. Don't open the file to do the password creation -- do it at the prompt line!

  • To create a new .htpasswd file and put a user/login word into it, first go to the appropriate directory. For example, if you wanted to create this file in the Morning Rain realm, you'd go to:
    and do the following:
    htpasswd -c .htpasswd <user>

    You'll then be prompted twice by .htpasswd for that user/login word's password.

  • To remove a user is a little trickier. You need to open the .htpasswd file of the realm in question, then edit it. The file will be under the edit directory of the logs directory of the appropriate realm. Open the .htpasswd file, take out the line that begins with the user's name, then save and close the file.

  • To add a user/login word's password to an existing .htpasswd file, leave out the -c, which means "create":
    htpasswd .htpasswd <next user>

    If you just want to change a password, the easiest way is to delete the original password, then add a new one. Unfortunately if someone who is a log editor forgets their password, you cannot just open the file and look for it, as the file is scrambled. The only way to handle a forgotten password is, instead, to remove the old one and put a new one in.

That's it!

Last modified: 2002-Mar-31 12:15:18

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