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    2006 March 21 Part One: Bushwhacked Off Demeter
    A bunch of folk, new to each other, start a trip accross the black. Each has their own reasons for being aboard the transport Shao Kung. Each has their own story. Then a pack of pirates interrupt their reveries, and suddenly a routine trip turns into a most decidedly unfriendly situation.
    2006 March 29 Part Two: Tables Turned?
    After foiling the initial attack on their boat, the survivors of the Shao Kung massacre counter-board the pirate ship and begin to claim it for their own.
    2006 April 04 Part Three: Evaluations
    Now that the group has some breathing room, they start to question the Browncoat, Molly Cooper. Which leads to them opening up some of the cargo to try and conjure a reason why the Browncoats did what they did. Which then leads on to a most startling discovery.
    2006 April 11 Part Four: Departures
    The crew makes their way to their destination, and they start to ask some of the real hard questions that have come up over the course of their short time together.
    2006 April 18 Part Five: Many Threads, One Rope...
    At arrival upon Ashtoreth, the crew has some decisions to be making; most particularly about the disposition of their erstwhile Browncoat and her cargo. And, of course, for some this means getting the chant from others who might not be much more in the know. But by bit, they're becoming more and more of a crew.
    2006 April 25 Part Six: Deal With A Dragon
    Arriving on Skamandrios, the crew have decided to follow the original Browncoats' intent, and seek to obtain something from the underworld figure Five Dragons which will help them accomplish that. But the past starts to rear its head when they first meet Five Dragons.
    2006 May 02 Part Seven: Stalking Shadow
    The crew sends a party to deliver their reply to Five Dragons, and meanwhile those remaining aboard the ship discover a message sent by a dead ship.
    2006 May 09 Part Eight: Things Change
    With the brief run to Einsort completed without too much fuss, the crew returns to Skamandrios to find things perhaps a bit too warm for comfort
    2006 May 16 Part Nine: Threshold
    The crew leaves Skamandrios, on a trip to Fleur-de-Croix with a cargo hold filled with an uncertain future and less-than-certain pasts.
    2006 May 29 Part Ten: Dark Lotus
    The Independent leaders who have been in cryosleep for all this time finally begin to be revived. And the trail of corpses left behind them starts to grow uncomfortably short.
    2006 May 30 Part Eleven: Evasions
    The Scarlet Chimera makes its way hither and yon, attempting to evade detection of their unknown foes. They take the opportunity of being on Ashtoreth to catch up on errands which need doing.
    2006 June 14 Part Twelve: Pinned
    Once the dust clears, one might imagine the crew is hoping that their foes don't take to heart the adage, 'Don't bring a gunship to a sniper fight.'
    2008 June 21 Part Twelve (and a Half): Thinkin' Time
    Solbiort examines the blank book that's caused so much trouble, and ponders its meaning.
    2006 June 27 Part Thirteen: Calm Before The Storm
    Prior to returning to Demeter, the crew stops by Skamandrios to meet with and update Five Dragons.
    2006 July 04 Part Fourteen: Racing Twilight
    Arriving on Demeter to retrieve their stolen shuttle and attempt to get word of what happened to Dr. Kingston, the crew find an old and not entirely welcome personage falling onto their laps.
    2006 July 11 Part Fifteen: A Peal of Distant Thunder
    On the approach to Persephone, the crew spots an Alliance ship being harrassed by gunships. And the ship is carrying someone who knows an awful lot about their "problem."
    2006 July 18 Part Fifteen: A Peal Of Distant Thunder
    Second Movement. The crew deal with the revelations they have discovered about Far Thunder.
    2006 July 26 Part Fifteen: A Peal Of Distant Thunder
    Third Movement. The crew begin to put their affairs in order, anticipating the climax with Far Thunder to be in the not-too-distant future.
    2006 August 01 Part Sixteen: Desperate Measures
    As the point at which the crew looks to end the nightmare approaches, Far Thunder itself seems to be drawing deeper into the trap being set for it. Or is it?
    2006 August 08 Part Seventeen: Bait-and-Switch
    The crew makes their last preparations for the trap, and just o be certain, they put Wintarsen and Danviere down at Einsort. The chapter ends with the final approach to Shadow.

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