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    2001 August 02 Departure and Arrival
    The new group of angels slowly forms.
    2001 August 08 "Strange Highways"
    The group arrives in Austin... and starts making an impression immediately.
    2001 August 09 Schmoozing
    Taygeta and Shateishael each make some contacts... more or less.
    2001 August 14 "Rock 'n' Roll Children"
    The group of angels starts on their favor for Wrenchial, and immediately discover (of course) that helping out diabolicals is never simple or straightforward.
    2001 August 16 "Mystery"
    While Taygeta keeps watch over the band, the other three angels go to speak with Darius, and make an interesting discovery on the way back.
    2001 August 22 Media Burn
    In the process of keeping the band safe, the angelic group learns far more than they ever wanted to about their compatriots in the Truce City.
    2001 August 28 Facing the Music
    The Song is sung, the die is cast, the Lightbringer is summoned... and nothing is truly as it appears.
    2001 September 01 "Big Sister"
    Nick makes a phone call, and Shateishael takes some time to himself, to go climb Enchanted Rock and talk to Mitrah about her plans.
    2001 September 04 "This is Your Life"
    Loose ends are tidied up, and the group receives new orders and new tasks.
    2001 September 16 "When She Smiles"
    The conversation at Nick's house continues.
    2001 September 18 "Rising"
    The group runs a variety of errands -- from starting an abandoned car, through finding a Texas furry-con, to meeting the Old Guy.
    2001 September 25 "So Fades the Rose..."
    The group of companions find Drew and Tomas again, to their surprise, and see two unusual new angels as well.
    2001 October 02 "Letters From Earth"
    The gremlin trap is successfully retrieved and the Physics Building scouted out. Later, Nick and Slate discuss philosophy.
    2001 October 10 "Angry Machines"
    Wherein the hunt for the Tokamak is successful, although a bit more than the group really wanted... will the Truce hold?
    2001 October 16 "Holy Diver"
    The final arrangements are made in Mitrah's plan to destroy Frex' underground Tether with a nuclear bomb.
    2001 October 23 "Rainbow in the Dark"
    After much preparation, Shateishael goes "down, down, to Goblin Town," and the Truce trembles at the reverberations of Mitrah's terrible revenge on Frexindetious.
    2001 October 28 "Caught in the Middle"
    Rosie meets some very interesting people... then acknowledges a debt and improves his reputation.
    2001 November 07 "Just Another Day"
    A moment to pause and reflect -- sort of -- in the various lives of the angelic group.
    2001 November 10 "Black Sheep of the Family"
    Slate thanks Mitrah and heads on home with the good news, pausing only long enough to see Sax deal with a bit of his past.
    2001 November 14 "Stand Up and Shout"
    Shateishael and Druiel attend the Seraphim Council, which is more than either of them expected.

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