TinyMUCK v2.2fb5.3x Documentation

TinyMUCK version 2.2, FuzzBall release 5.3x is a user-extendible, multi-user adventure game. The emphasis is on free-form roleplaying and social interaction. There is no ultimate goal to the game, except to have fun. There are puzzles to solve, places to visit, and people to meet. There are no winners or losers, only fellow players.

This hyperdocument contains links to all of the available documentation relevant to the fb5 MUCK server, grouped by subject. This information is not FurryMUCK specitic, but should be generic to fb5 MUCKs.

Index to Topics

Getting Started

General Information

The following hypertext documents are derived from help files included in the fb5.36 distribution archive.

Message Parsing Interpreter

MPI is the Message Parsing Interpreter built into the FuzzBall server; it is a particularly powerful, vaguely lisp-like language that can be used by any player, simply by including MPI commands in message strings.

Multi-User Forth

MUF is the Multi-User Forth that is built into the server. MUF can be used only by players that have a MUCKER bit.

Changes and Updates

Finally, there is a lot of material available which can only be classified as miscellany. In general, these describe changes from TinyMUD to TinyMUCK to FuzzBall, and the new material added with each FuzzBall release.

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