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news <topic>

The news command witn no parameters will display the main news index for the server. Providing a topic as the argument will display the news file for that topic.


news <topic>

<topic> - name of the news item to display


The news command can be used to provide important information about the game, often rules and conventions, as well as updating players on upcoming events.

To use news, issue the command by it's self. A main list index will be displayed, which should list topics which are avaliable. Issuing the news command with a parameter of one of the topics will display information about that topic.



                      General News
  Sorry, nothing interesting in news yet! 
  News has subtopics!  Type 'news index' to get a list of the
    topics available.


news displays the general news index, or a particular news topic.


If a topic that is not listed is requested, news will display:

Sorry, no help available on topic "xxx"

See Also:

info and motd


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