Aliases: None.

info [<topic>]

The info command can provide site-specific information. Info with no topic should give a list of topics.


info [<topic>]

<topic> is the name of the info item to display. List no to get a general list of topics.


The info command can provide information about rules and additions to the particular site you are connected to. To get a list of avaliable topics, give no topic. Otherwise, provide one of the topics listed in the index.



Available information files are:
    new.prims           changesfb           changesfb2          
    changesfb3          new.muck            changesfb4          
    new.muf             muf-cheat           players-newstuff    
    muf-tutorial        mpidocs             mpidocs2            
    changesfb5          mpi-intro           mpi-intro2          


This command is purely informational.


That file does not exist. Type 'info' to get a list of the info files available.
This message is displayed if a topic is requested that is not avaliable.

See Also:

motd and news


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