Aliases: None.

connect <player-name> <password>

The connect command is used to log in to the server as a player, authenticating with a password.


connect <player-name> <password>

<player-name> is the name of the player to connect with.

<password> is the password for that player.


connect is used to log a player in to the game, once they have made thier network connection to the server. It is responsible for checking thier password, and that their character exists. It is usually the first command given to the server after connecting.


connect MyPlayer SecretWord



Connects a player to the server, or fails to do so, and disconnects them.


Welcome to...
You have connected to the server, and can play normally. The welcome message is different for every server, but usually clear and several lines long.

Either that player does not exist, or has a different password.
The server displays this message if the player requested does not exist, or the password is not correct.

Sorry, but there are too many players online. Please try reconnecting in a few minutes.
The server has too many other players connected, and is refusing to allow new connections. The actual text of this message can be changed via @tune, and may vary from server to server.

Sorry, but the game is in maintenance mode currently, and only wizards are allowed to connect. Try again later.
If the server is currently running in maintenance mode, you will recieve this message, and then the server will drop your connection.

See Also:

@password and QUIT


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