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WHO [<player>]

If a player name is listed, WHO shows all players connected to the server who have names which begin with that name. Otherwise, WHO shows all players connected to the server.


WHO [<player>]

<player> - The name of a player to display. If this option is given, only players who's names begins with this name will be listed. Listing no player will display all the connected players.


The WHO command displays a list of players who are connected to the server. If a player's name is given, WHO will only show players who have names that start with that name, and who are connected.

WHO displays the player's name, how long they have been connected, and how long they have been idle. A count of the number of players connected, and the highest number since the server has been running will be displayed.

It may also display thier @doing message, depending on the server's configuration. Wizards may see the host name the player is connected from, if it is avaliable, and if the server is configured to display it.

The WHO command may be available before a player has connected, which allows anyone to see who is online without connecting to a character themselves. A Wizard can control this with the @tune command.

A Wizard may also change what the WHO command does when a character is connected by inserting an action called @WHO. This @WHO action will be triggered instead of using the built-in WHO command which is described here.


List all connected players:


Player Name           On For Idle  Doing...
StarfallGM             03:47   2m  Evil machinations, of course.
Dimitri                04:09   7m  Skulking in dark corners.
Loki                   05:54   0s  Playing in the OOC Realm 
3 players are connected.  (Max was 13)

List all the players who's names start with Lo:


Player Name           On For Idle  Doing...
Lou_Admin              00:00   0s  Snuggling someone, if possible.
Loki                   05:56   2m  Playing in the OOC Realm 
4 players are connected.  (Max was 13)


This command is purely informational.



See Also:

@doing and actions_special


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