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The QUIT command logs you out of the game. It must be typed in full, and all in capital letters. Your character remains where you were when you quit, although, may be moved while you are "asleap".



This command has no options.


The QUIT command disconnects your character from the game, and drops the network connection between you and the server. It must be typed in full, all in capital letters to be recognized.

The server will send some sort of "goodbye" or disconnection message, which is configurable via @tune by a Wizard, and is usually different on each server.

Your character will remain where they were when you disconnected, listed as being "asleap". You may be moved around while you are disconnected, and can wake up someplace different, often your home.



See ya later, alligator!


Disconnects the player from the game.


Se ya later, alligator!
When QUIT works, it will display a message, such as the one above, and then disconnect your player from the server. The message is configurable, and will probably be different on each server.

The system doesn't recognize that command. Type "help" if you're stuck.
If you do not enter the QUIT command in all uppercase, the server will give you the regular "command unknown" message, which is configurable per server, and likely different from this sample.

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