Aliases: None.

@password <old password>=<new password>

The @password command changes your password.


@password <old password>=<new password>

<old password> must be your current password.

<new password> your new password


The @password command allows you as a player to change or update the password used to log in to the server. Keeping your password safe and secure is important, and changing it when you suspect someone might know it prevents others from using your character.

Please choose a good password, that contains both letters and numbers, or punctuation. When you type in a password, you must type it exactly the same way each time. Uppercase letters are different from lowercase letters. Letters, numbers, and punctuation are allowed. Spaces are not allowed.


@password secret=duck

Password changed.

This example would have changed your password from "secret" to "duck". Neither of these are very good passwords.


The @password command changes the password stored with your character.


Password changed.
The new password was accepted, and is now your current password

Your old password did not match your password correctly, so the password change has failed.

Bad new password.
The password you selected was not a valid one. They can only contain letters, numbers and punctuation.

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