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The @credits command shows you the names of the current and past developers of the server software.



The @credits command has no options.


The @credits command displays the names of people who have contributed to the server software, both currently and historically.



Based on the original code written by these programmers:
  David Applegate    James Aspnes    Timothy Freeman    Bennet Yee
Others who have done major coding work along the way:
  Lachesis, ChupChups, FireFoot, Russ 'Random' Smith, and Dr. Cat
This is a user-extendible, user-programmable multi-user adventure game.
TinyMUCK was derived from TinyMUD v1.5.2, with extensive modifications.
Because of all the modifications, this program is not in any way, shape,
or form being supported by any of the original authors.  Any bugs, ideas,
suggestions,  etc, should be directed to the persons listed below.
Do not send diff files, send us mail about the bug and describe as best
as you can, where you were at when the bug occured, and what you think
caused the bug to be was produced, so we can try to reproduce it and
track it down.
The following programmers currently maintain the code:
  Foxen/Revar:   foxen@belfry.com    Project Lead, Developer
  Fre'ta:                            Crazy Developer
The following people helped out a lot along the way:
  Fre'ta, Chris, Ermafelna, Lynx, WhiteFire, Kimi, Cynbe, Myk, Taldin,
  Howard, darkfox, Moonchilde, Felorin, Xixia, Doran, Riss and King_Claudius.
Alpha and beta test sites, who put up with this nonsense:
  HighSeasMUCK, TygryssMUCK, FurryMUCK, CyberFurry, PendorMUCK, Kalasia,
  AnimeMUCK, Realms, FurryII, Tapestries, Unbridled Desires, TruffleMUCK,
  and Brazillian Dreams.
Places silly enough to give Foxen a wizbit at some time or another:
  ChupMuck, HighSeas, TygMUCK, TygMUCK II, Furry, Pendor, Realms,
  Kalasia, Anime, CrossRoadsMUCK, TestMage, MeadowFaire, TruffleMUCK,
  Tapestries, Brazillian Dreams, SocioPolitical Ramifications, & more.
Thanks also goes to those persons not mentioned here who have added
their advice, opinions, and code to TinyMUCK.


This command is purely informational.



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