@set <thing>=vehicle Objects of TYPE_THING, that have the VEHICLE flag set, can contain players. To enter a vehicle, you can either use a MUF program to teleport you to it via MOVETO, you can get a wizard to @teleport you into it, or else you an use an action that is both attached and linked to the vehicle to enter it. This means that you can only enter a vehicle from the same room that it is in, and you cannot use far links to enter it. This prevents the use of vehicles to get around locks. Inside the vehicle, you will see it's @idesc, instead of it's @desc, and you will not be shown it's @succ or @fail. Objects dropped in a vehicle will not go away to the their homes, as a vehicle cannot have a dropto set in it. Things with the VEHICLE flag set cannot enter rooms or use exits that have the VEHICLE flag set. This allows a way to prevent vehicles from entering areas where it would be illogical for them to be.