There are 3 rules to controlling objects:

  1. You control anything you own.
  2. A wizard or God controls everything.
  3. If Realms_Control is @tuned on in the server, then if a player owns an environmental room, and that room has it's Wizard bit set, then the owner of that environment room has control over anything contained in that env- ironment room. This includes things inside of rooms that are inside of that environment room, and so forth. Everything in that Wizbit environ- ment can be controlled by the environment's owner.

There are a few things to keep in mind, in relation to the above:

  1. Anybody can @chown an unlinked exit to themselves, even if it is locked. Builders should beware of this, lest their exits be linked or stolen. Once the object has been chowned, then it will be controlled by the owner, as per rule 1.
  2. Players can @chown to themselves any exits which are linked to an object they own. Note Rule #1.
  3. Players can @chown to themselves any exits which are attached to an object that they own. Note Rule #1.
  4. If an object is set CHOWN_OK, anyone may "@chown <object>=me" and gain ownership and control of the object. (see chown_ok)