@set <object> = [!] <flag>
@set <object> = <property> : [ <string> ]
@set <object> = : @set does one of three things on TinyMUCK, it can modify flags, add properties to an object, or remove properties from an object. Using the first format, you may set flags, which are: WIZARD, LINK_OK, DARK [DEBUG], FILTER, STICKY [SETUID], JUMP_OK, BUILDER [BOUND], QUELL, CHOWN_OK, HAVEN [HARDUID], ABODE [AUTOSTART], VEHICLE, ZOMBIE, or MUCKER. You can also set the MUCKER (or Priority) Level of an object by using 0, 1, 2, or 3 as the flag name. An optional flag which may or may not be on a given site is KILL_OK. The second format sets <property> on <object> to <string>, or if <string> is not given, removes <property>. The third format removes all properties from an object.