This program prints a series of commands that can be used to recreate objects.


@archive [object = 1 | a | c | e | f | i | l]


The name or dbref of the object to archive.
Archive only the named object.
Archive all, regardless of owner. (wizards only).
Don't archive contents.
Archive objects that are not in this room's environment.
Don't archive floater child rooms unless linked to.
Include globally registered objects.
Don't follow links or drop-tos in archiving.


The @archive command examines the object and its contents and prints out a series of commands that could be used to create the object from scratch. These commands can be saved in a file and later used to recreate the object simply by uploading the file to the server.

If no parameters are specified, @archive prints out a short help file.

You may specify only one parameter in addition to the object.

If you are using @archive to create a file of executable commands you should:

  1. Make sure the word wrap is turned off in your client.
  2. Begin logging the output
  3. Edit the log file to remove:

Properties Read

The @archive command reads all properties on the object and its contents that the character that issues the command has permission to read.
Is this true? I used @archive to discover that the two @skill properties were still on my character. I couldn't examine them normally, or change them but @archive reported them
None of the issuing character's properties are read.

Note: When using @archive on an environment room (or any object that may contain many other objects) all of the contained objects will be included in the archive. This is a convenient way to archive a group of rooms that are based on a specific environment room.

When the archive is sent to the server to re-create the objects(s), it registers the new object(s) in the character properties of the issuing character as <tmp/thing1>. This registration is not removed at the end of the archive command list. (See: Registration for more information.)


  1. A '[Begin Dump]' line
  2. The command list
  3. A '[End Dump]' line


Permission denied.
If the character issuing the @archive command does not have control of the object.

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