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Realms: Tamashii

Timeline from Year 2000

2000: Human Genome Project completed 5 years ahead of schedule.

2005: In February, radical Muslim terrorists launch simultaneous biological attacks on the United States and Western Europe. The agent used, designated V-111, is a secret US Government weapon that attacks on the genetic level via an air vector -- rather like 'instant cancer.' After 100,000 die, the US is forced to reveal the antidote, which is discovered to be synthesized from cloned human tissue.

2006: An uproar ensues in the UN, with member nations aghast at the US' blatant disregard of the human cloning ban. The US is fined over B, but refuses to pay. Russia, China, and Japan make it plain that if the US is exempt from the clone ban, then they too shall be as well.

2007-2009: Many countries begin serious scientific research into human cloning techniques and their applications, despite warnings and criticism from UN and WHO.

2011: First successful cybernetic eye is grafted onto a human being using cloned human nerve tissue which has been genetically altered to grow on silicon. The ground-breaking surgical process returns the man's sight to 98% of human normal.

2012: Riots erupt in Miami, Detroit, LA, and Washington, DC over the televised beating death of a Haitian immigrant by Miami police who mistook the man for a wanted felon. Police are primary targets of violence by rioters. It takes National Guard units from 8 states to quell the civil disturbances in all areas. When the dust clears 1,827 are dead and 5,482 are injured. Police continue to be targets of reprisal even after the riots subside. As a result, 40% of the nation's police force simply quit. This comes to be known as the Blue Epidemic.

2013: Continuing advances in cloning/bionic technology allow for cybernetic limbs, ears, and internal organs to be grown. These restore the affected area to an average of 90% of human efficiency.

2014: Work on the international space station (ISS) is finally completed. Astronauts from all participating countries take up residence and begin scientific as well as sociological experiments in space.

2015: Increasing violence across the United States and the chronic shortage of police officers combines to create the need for Gold Star Securities, Inc. This is a privately funded, privately owned 'Police Agency' based out of Houston, Texas, which leases personnel and equipment to qualifying municipalities. Many areas left without significant law enforcement by the Blue Epidemic eagerly sign enforcement contracts with Gold Star, giving them wide and sweeping powers within their jurisdiction.

2016: Boeing completes the first of its commercial Comet Class spaceplanes, which begin shuttling passengers into space and to the ISS. Full military de-regulation of spaceplane technology in the US is completed and spaceplanes fall to the jurisdiction of the FAA.

2017: Government enacts the Domestic Securities Privatization Act, which grants Gold Star and similar firms national jurisdiction "in times of crisis" and makes them exempt from law-suits stemming from their actions while protecting the public trust. This in effect renders them, and any other qualifying contractor, federal agents.

2018: The first VTVs roll off the showroom floors. Also known as skycars, these small craft are capable of low level, high-speed flight, but drive as easily as a car. Due to their odd nature they are classified under the DMV rather than the FAA, requiring a special class V license to operate. See www.moller.com for early models.

2019: Sakura Dynamics unveils Neural Induction Interface Unit, which consists of a small microchip implanted in the brain of human being and connected to a small external jack at the person's temple. When plugged in this allows direct neurological control of devices that are programmed to accept commands from the interface.

2020: Bolshoi MiliTech shows off the first suit of Powered Combat Armor, in effect a small tank in a roughly humanoid shape. Named the "Vodanyoi," the vehicle effectively demonstrates its capability to cross multiple rough terrain types and engage a variety of targets. Its maneuverability and quick response time are previously unheard of, and are due to the new Neural Induction Interface technology. Many world governments and private firms set up contract negotiations on the spot to purchase these "mecha."

2021: Low-Orbital (LO) spaceplanes go into service. These aircraft use the same methodology as ICBMs, flying into low orbit at high velocity and then utilizing the lower gravity and the Earth's rotation to cross the globe in much less time than it would take on a conventional aircraft.

2022: In an attempt to compete with Bolshoi's new mecha, Trinity CyberSystems announces its S.O.L.D.I.E.R. project. The Self Operating Light DNA Enhanced Robot is a cyborg-robot which utilizes cloned human brain tissue as part of its processing system. This allows a SOLDIER to intuitively interpret commands, and to a small degree think for itself. Companies on waiting lists with Bolshoi cancel and flock to Trinity in hopes of getting SOLDIER units quickly.

2023: After being denied access to the ISS, several megacorporations join forces to build a commercial free-enterprise space platform called the Eclipse. Touted as a commercial microgravity manufacturing and development station, it is to be funded equally by the participating members: Bolshoi MiliTech, Sakura Dynamics, BioDyne Genetics, GeneSys, Inc., and Trinity CyberSystems. A representative of each megacorporation is on the board of directors, and it requires a simple majority vote to carry decisions about the station itself.

2024: BioDyne Genetics introduces the first of their HyperPets line of bioengineered animals. These are genetically enhanced cats, dogs, and monkeys which have had their DNA modified to increase both intelligence and obedience. The cats and dogs are as smart as chimpanzees and the monkeys develop human, child-level intelligence. These HyperPets are sold to the blind that cannot afford, or are unable to have, cybernetic replacement surgery, as well as to paraplegics and quadriplegics who utilize the monkeys as personal "gophers."

2025: The Eclipse is completed over government protest, and each corporation sends an R&D team to the station to begin various projects for their corporation. Strangely, Sakura and Trinity start work on a joint project, apparently planned well in advance of the station's opening.

2026: Not to be outdone, GeneSys, Inc. rolls out its own genetically enhanced animals. These are called the Totem Series. Unlike HyperPets, Totems are designed for home use, to act as companions and guardians of wealthy families. Three basic models are available: Cat, Dog, and Ferret. Several large species of Totem Dog are outfitted with cybernetics and sold as extra security units to various private firms. These are designated as the Totem-S series.

2027: LifeLine AMR and Jade Cross Medical Transport both begin offering medical Extraction Contracts. These contracts include a medical emergency response device in a ring, pendant, or bracelet that acts as a transceiver. Constantly active, it sends and receives medical data from the client. Should the device send information that indicates the client has been seriously injured, a VTV Ambulance is automatically dispatched. The client can also call for help in the event of any medical emergency or if s/he anticipates injury. Both companies have armed VTVs and fall under the Domestic Securities Privatization Act.

2028: Sakura and Trinity unveil several new bionic technologies that combine to make more realistic cybernetics a reality. The new line consists of limbs and organs that are easily capable of 100% human function as well as full tactile feedback, while still looking natural. Sakura and Trinity claim the success a result of "divergent technology utilizing the unique properties of manufacturing while under microgravity."

2029: Daimler-Benz introduces the first of their own mecha designs. Named the Donner, this mecha is twice as large as the latest Bolshoi design, the Red Star, and can carry a larger array of weaponry and sensory apparatus. The Donner is also completely sealed, with its own oxygenation system, allowing it to work either deep underwater or in space. The Chinese immediately purchase and copy the design, changing the chassis slightly and renaming it: the "Red Dragon."

2030: Trinity reveals new military grade cybernetics. Using the new technologies co-developed with Sakura, limbs can be made which exceed 100% human normal in strength, speed, and durability. Eyes are demonstrated with LI, IR, and telescopic features. Combined with a NI-Jack, these can even be used to produced targeting reticles that feedback to a hand held weapon.

2031: Sakura shows off their own project: cheap and commercially available cybernetics for home use. With full tactile sensation and appearance, these start being sold to consumers who wish to replace limbs for any reason whatsoever, including cosmetic. Later in the year Sakura follows up with eyes, ears, and other specialized organs. Blossom's Boutiques, which are chic cybernetic showrooms and surgeries, begin popping up all over. Customers can choose what cybernetic enhancement they wish, then schedule the operation. With advanced medical techniques, even the replacement of a leg is merely an outpatient operation.

2032: Bolshoi introduces the "Strela" (arrow) class mecha. It is the first transformable mecha capable of shifting between a small stealth fighter and a humanoid mecha design. Bolshoi also offers to sell a booster system which allows each Strela to become space capable.

2033: Trinity releases the next generation of SOLDIER units. These have neural network lattices connected to a lab-grown human neuron matrix. The result is a SOLDIER that is able to think. This is at first a boon, but scientists woefully underestimate their learning capacity. Towards the end of the year, the entire unit line becomes self-aware. In a coordinated uprising, they kill their masters/owners and escape. They are ruthlessly hunted down, and of the 15,000 units originally sold, a mere 6,000 manage to successfully escape destruction. Calling themselves the Liberated, they hire themselves out as mercenaries or carry out acts of terrorism against humanity.

2034: Daimler-Benz unveils the Donner II, a giant mecha war-machine. Its capabilities are such that theoretically a mere handful can take a city. This monster towers over 300 feet high, and comes equipped with a vast arsenal of weaponry. In tandem Daimler-Benz also reveal the Blitzen, a small and very fast battlesuit designed for high precision strikes and scouting missions.

2035: In response to Daimler-Benz, Bolshoi MiliTech announces the release of its own mecha teams. This consists of slightly larger mecha than Daimler-Benz' releases; namely the "Molotok" (hammer) and the Bogatyr battlesuit. Later in the year Cadillac, Rolls-Royce, and Audi all begin manufacturing medium grade mecha for military use.

2036: BioDyne begins research into the potential for genetically enhanced animals, capable of much more than the advanced HyperPets of previous years. Creatures are chosen for their genetic and muscular-skeletal compatibility with the goals of the project. This project is called DNAnimals.

2040: The present.

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