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The DNAnimals Game FAQ

By <name removed by author's request>

For those who are interested and had questions and those that are still mulling the idea over, here is a more detailed bit of information about the game I will be running on RF.

So what is this game you are running?

The title is DNAnimals (pronounced D-N-Animals)

What is it about?

It's about genetically uplifted mammals in the future, which are created by a corporation as an experiment. Their purpose is to be a new sort of super soldier that can work in environments and situations that are hazardous to humans. Being that they are created, have no rights, and are simply corporate property they are also considered somewhat expendable.

Are these like "furries"?

Not really; the flavor and feeling is quite different. Yes, they are mammals and have a humanoid form. But they are the only ones of their kind, and there will be very little that is cute or fluffy about this game.

What is the world like?

The year is 2040, and huge corporations all but run the planet. Though in appearance legitimate governments still run the show, in truth they are just puppets propped up by one or more of these MegaCorps. The environment has not yet totally collapsed due to the foresight and quick thinking of the few MegaCorps that see the need for environmental protection (particularly those that deal heavily in agriculture and natural resources), but pollution levels and global warming are much worse than they are in our modern era. Technology has advanced in many areas, allowing for wonders such as bionics, cybernetics, and of course the PCs themselves. Most vehicles run on hydrogen or electricity, with fossil fuels mostly reserved for aircraft use. Energy comes from nuclear sources (hot fusion or fission), or microwave transmitted solar power.

What animals are available?

The available species for each role is listed under the role's description, below. These particular species are available based on the specific Ops roles to be filled -- since certain creatures would have been selected and uplifted for their natural abilities or instincts to fill those roles. Each player will choose a species and Op, based on a round-table discussion by all participating players and the GM.

These Ops, what are they?

Combat, Intelligence, Security, Technical, and Science.

  • Combat: This is the combat specialist. Though all the characters are trained to fight, the Combat Op is a true specialist. Think of it as the difference between a trained army soldier (i.e. the other PCs) and a Special Forces master. S/He knows how to use light-to-heavy weapons, up to and including artillery and vehicular weaponry, as well as being an expert at hand-to-hand and melee fighting.
    Pangolin, Grey Wolf, Brown Bear, Black Bear, Polar Bear, Wolverine, Badger, Cougar, Leopard, Black Rhinoceros (and ferret).

  • Intelligence: This Op is the sneak, doubling as recon and sniper. S/he is trained to go in unseen, get the job done, and leave again. S/he will be the covert combatant, using guile and trickery to fell opponents, but only when necessary to achieve an objective. Among Intel's training are the fine arts of lock picking, guerilla tactics, demolitions, and the use of surveillance equipment of all kinds.
    Egyptian Rousette (bat), Little Brown Bat, Snowshoe Hare, American Red Squirrel, Eastern Chipmunk, Common Weasel, Eurasian Otter, African Civet, Domestic Cat, Serval.

  • Security: This Op is in charge of internal security -- which is to say, the welfare of the team itself. In the field, Security (SecOps) has the final say and frequently only s/he will know the full scope of the current mission. Security is trained in strategy, tactics, and a smattering of other things such as fire/rescue, paramedic, and especially communications. On most missions, SecOps acts as team coordinator and keeps lines of communication within the team and/or HQ open.
    American Beaver, Fennec, African Hunting Dog, Striped Skunk, Meerkat, Lion, Cheetah, Llama, Whitetail Deer, Domestic Horse

  • Technical: When the team needs toys or something fixed in a hurry, they see the Tech. TechOps is trained to use all manner of specialized field equipment, and jury rig anything else that the team needs. S/he is also the vehicle specialist, trained to drive or pilot almost anything -- from an APC to a jet fighter. Finally the tech is the hacker of the group, which makes her/him an invaluable addition to any team, equally adept at snatching files from a secure system as at disabling a building's security sensors.
    Big Brown Bat, Black Lemur, Blackhanded Spider Monkey, Eastern Grey Squirrel, Cape Springhare, Greenland Collared Lemming, Muskrat, Black Rat, House Mouse, North American Raccoon

  • Science: The flip side of tech, SciOps is the analyst and detective of the group. Trained in forensics, biology, chemistry, and physics, and loaded with analytical gear, s/he tends to be the brains of the team. More importantly, s/he is a fully trained medic, capable of doing everything from bandaging a small wound to performing full field surgery.
    Gray Mouse Lemur, Emperor Tamarin, Aardvark, Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Mountain Beaver, Least Chipmunk, Deer Mouse, Snow Vole, Red Fox, Cacomistle

This isn't going to be just some mission-based, kill-'em-all kind of game, is it?

Absolutely not. There will be missions for the company, but the deeper drive of the game is the characters themselves -- their attempts to cope with what they are, who they are, and what their destinies might be. I have no set path laid out for the game, as I find that stifling as a GM. I will have adventures, but what you do with them is up to you. The PCs can opt to be loyal slaves of their corporation, or jump the fence the first chance they get and try to exist as fugitives. The choice is yours.

Okay, what game system will you be using?

It's called "BESM," which stands for "Big Eyes Small Mouth." It's an Anime game system by a company called Guardians of Order. You can check them out yourself if you'd like.

What is the system like?

It's very simple. In short, you have only three stats (it's also called the Tri-Stat system for this reason): Body, Mind, and Soul, rated from 1 to 12. Most things are resolved by combining a stat with a skill, which provides a bonus, along with any other bonuses due to circumstances, then rolling 2D6 and trying roll equal to or under the total. The margin by which you make your roll determines how well you succeed. The whole system is contained in one volume, which makes it even easier for online play.

Do I need to go out and buy this game?

Not really. I think I have run it enough that I can teach it to everyone without the need for anyone to buy it. However, if you want to buy it anyway, that will just make things easier for me. It goes for .95 and is a lot of game for the buck; I highly recommend it.

You said BESM is an Anime game system; will this be an Anime game?

Not really. It will have elements of certain anime I am fond of (what GM isn't influenced by the media they watch/read?) such as "Bubblegum Crisis" and "Ghost in the Shell," but it will not be an Anime game per se.

That is about all for now. As always, questions can be directed to me via email or you can catch me on RealityFault -- I'm <name removed by author's request> there.

Thanks for your attention.

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