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    2006 September 02 Days Gone By.
    The genesis of the Phoenix, AZ household consisting of Rosenstern, Slate and Elisheba. The three very different Celestials come together in a common cause and decide there's safety in numbers.
    2006 September 08 Difficult Decisions.
    Slate steps in to what seems like a simple case of a man beating up a much smaller woman, only to find himself helping to kill a Calabite's vessel and give a young Lilim a place to hide.
    2006 September 14 Redemption.
    Bella makes a decision and meets her new boss. We meet Ian.
    2006 September 09 Gift Exchange.
    Bella realizes that Slate is oblivious and takes steps.
    2006 September 19 The Adventure begins.
    A Kyriotate finds a favor being called in unexpectedly and goes to the Circle-H for help.
    2006 September 30 Musings.
    Some of the angels consider Dominic's possible motives in calling in his favor to Deva.
    2006 October 02 Answers.
    The angels get a better idea just how much Devorael actually owes to Dominic and make final preparations for the trip to the Justice tether.
    2006 October 09 The Nightmare Begins.
    The angels arrive at the Tether to find a horrific scene that falls just short of desecration and are told there have been more. It becomes obvious that they're in for something even more serious than they first suspected.
    2006 October 23 Running Down a Lead
    The Circle-H crew looks into possible leads and the frightening concept that they've got Celestial serial killers on the loose.
    2006 November 06 A young priest and an old priest.
    The Celestials find their first fresh kill in the horrific seriest of executions and catch one of the renegade band behind them.
    2006 November 13 Questions, Questions.
    The Celestials try to get some answers out of their captive Kyriotate and find a more secure place to keep him while they make decisions.
    2006 November 30 Answers
    The angels get some answers, and they aren't happy about them.
    2006 December 06 Help me, Mommy.
    Help from a previously unexpected quarter.
    2007 January 04 Dropouts.
    Sometimes, quitting isn't bad.
    2006 January 10 We have met the enemy.
    The angels meet the killer and have an unexpected intervention.
    2007 February 28 After the dust clears.
    Bella moves house. A friend visits.
    2007 February 28 More gifts.
    An enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a pretty red box.
    2007 February 28 The purge.
    The story from Peony's point of view. Slate's musings on it.
    2007 March 13 The purge, part 2.
    The angels get some answers from Bacchus and learn some unsavory secrets about the history of the fae.
    2007 March 13 Trade-off.
    Slate receives an offer of a trade from Lilith.

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