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Inizii House Rules

I've been playing rather fast and loose, in Inizii, in regards to quickly getting the first batch of characters up and running. However, I'd like to start having a more consistent manner of both creating characters and dealing with in-game issues. Therefore I've made up the following house rules. Please keep in mind that some of these are experimental, and I'd like input as to how players think they are working.

Creating Player Characters

  • Players are encouraged to design whatever types of characters they wish to play. However, you must have a good reason, which I approve, for why that particular character would be joining the group. For example, I recently vetoed a pixie rogue because I didn't think it'd fit with the current party.

  • All player characters created from now on will be rolled up, instead of using the default numbers I gave to begin with. Here is how to roll a player character up for Inizii:

    • Find a time when we can both be on line
    • Roll 4d6 six times
    • Drop the lowest roll, and order the resulting numbers however you like
    • If you wish, you may also re-roll once

  • The maximum number of hit points allowed at first level are awarded to new player characters. However, from then on they are rolled up as usual.

  • When creating player characters greater than first level, you must buy all your equipment, including your magical gear. However, no one item can cost more than half of your initial spending money.

  • If you wish to have a Prestige Class (PrC), you must have a valid in-character reason to do so. Also, they must be approved by the Dungeon Master, as not all the Prestige Classes exist within the game.

  • Drow have no effective character level (ECL). Drow player characters have no spell resistance; once a day, they may use only one of their spell-like abilities.

  • There will be no half-dragon/half-something-else player characters.

Character Classes

  • All clerics and paladins must follow a deity.

  • Paladins and monks may multi-class only if this is consistent with their order or deity.

  • Sorcerers may make a pact with an outsider/fey/etc., to get a +1 to known spells. However, this means you are considered to be in that being's service, and thus also under its control.

  • Psionics are allowed, but if you are interested in psionics we need to sit down and talk about it, and I will need to nudge the psionics rules a bit until I'm satisfied with them.

  • Toughness gives a 3 + CON-modifier, and Mind over Matter is a 3 + INT-modifier.

Magic and Combat

  • Variant: "Power Component" (DMG pg. 96), and variant: "Upkeep" (DMG pg. 142) will be used.

  • Daggers, knives, and short swords can do both slashing or piercing damage.

  • Sunder works with bludgeoning weapons.

  • Druidic weapons include the great club, slings, bows, and all spears.

  • Casting the druidic Wildshape spell grants the caster the extraordinary abilities (i.e. natural characteristics) of an animal (i.e. improved grab, rend, etc).

  • Unarmed Strike works with any part of your body that you might strike with, i.e. feet, forehead, elbows, etc. Thus you can be holding a weapon, yet still use Unarmed Strike.

  • Bonus spells affect cantrips, as there is no reason I can think of that a character should be able to cast more first level spells than cantrips.


  • We will be using the deities, and some of the geography, of the Forgotten Realms. There will be some changes, however; i.e. Eilistraee's clergy allows paladins.

  • No discussing "Fight Club" during game time, please.

  • Do not taunt happy fun ball.

That's it! Hope this helps to make the game more fun for everyone involved. Thanks for your time and any input.

Last modified: 2001-Dec-16 17:39:06

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