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Animal Types Available for Play

The Summary is at the end of this page

The 'furries' used in this game are all genetically enhanced, sentient, bipedal animals created by human needs and manipulations. For a good example of what we're talking about we recommend the Charles Swann books. Which types of creatures would be easiest to genetically manipulate into sentient and useful bipeds? That's easy -- the mammals, because that's what we are, and thus what we'd know best, both medically and emotionally. Uplifts were initially developed to be cannon fodder in wars, and eventually, labor. There's also the matter of national pride for some countries -- sort of an 'our wolves/bears/tigers/whatever are tougher than yours' attitude. Keep it in mind when thinking of species. There are no dog uplifts, for example -- people could handle a wolf going to war for them, but not dear little Fido. Not only that, wolves were smarter creatures.

Keep in mind also that with uplifted animals there'll be a LOT more standardization than in most furry games. The uplifts are all digitigrade if their original species is, for example. Foxes will be light-boned and dinky in comparison to humans, cougars will be heavier and HUGE -- things like that. This is some time past the actual wars for which they were originally created, so the precise need for combat soldiers isn't the driving force, but it explains why they were developed. But the care taken with the uplifts' genetics still remains. There's a very limited selection of genes to take from, so folks are pretty stringent about what they allow to grow up. There aren't any runts, for example, simply because they're not allowed to live.

There's a fair amount of standardization in jobs available to uplifts too (to a reasonable degree), mostly due to the human society influence... if an uplift simply can't find a job except as a [fill-in-the-blank] due to their species... they're going to likely end up IN that sort of job regardless.

The larger the animal species the fewer of them there are -- and since the game is located initially in the North America continent, it's a good bet those (North American mammals) are the animals that are common. There just aren't enough red pandas or Siberian tigers to experiment with in the US. There are no 'common' bird or reptile humanoid shapes. This makes the bats all that much more useful... since bird or reptile uplifts are extremely rare and very specialized and usually rather fragile and/or short-lived... and since most of the uplifts are somewhat specialized, job-wise, you end up with a sort of "well, everyone knows you have to use a bat for your pilot/navigator! no one's stupid enough to use a wolf there!" kind of attitude.


  • The game is currently full, and we are not accepting applications for new characters. However, we may at some time in the future accept more players. If you would like to be considered for this, you may mention your interest to either Lou or Collie on Realityfault, and we will keep your name in mind. This is no guarantee, of course... it means only that we have a waiting list should we decide to add players.

  • We are accepting only applications for characters based in the 'current' United States, uplifted from North American mammals. If you want to play a character that is not from the US, or that is not a mammal you are going to need to have an extremely interesting, in-game-enhancing reason for us to change our background. We don't want to be unpleasant, but we'd like to maintain game background consistency.

  • The game will rapidly leave Earth, but please keep in mind that in most countries on Earth uplifts are second class citizens -- if they are considered citizens at all. Uplift slavery is a reality on this world. Since we strongly encourage role-play, we ask you to consider carefully, please, how this may affect your character's emotional and intellectual outlook on life.

  • We are looking for characters and players that can work well together as a team. This is of paramount importance to us, as we are relatively new GMs.

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