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Combat Test: OOC-included Log

This is the entire log of everything which appeared on the screen, from the viewpoint of the person GMing. OOC commentary is left in normal layout, with the automated code adding the word (OOC) in front of each such line. IC bits, which will all appear in the official log as well, have been turned green so they will stand out more.

Anything where one person is 'paging' can be 'heard' only between those included on the page. 'Whispers' also do this, but are confined to only one 'room.' Both pages and whispers (which are in purple text to make them stand out a bit within the log) appear below.

Explanations added onto this page for reader clarification have been indented and italicized. Also, there are several points where the GM makes gaming suggestions which might help new players, and where the GM and players discuss the rules to make sure they're all clear on how to run things. Finally, typos and mistakes have been left in, to show most accurately how this sort of thing works in the actual game. Enjoy!

The OneShotGM (or 'You' on screen currently) has noticed Marc, the player, appear on-line, in another 'room' in RF. They are paging back and forth. The Cambot is not yet turned on. The system they're going to use is Feng Shui.

You page, "Hi there! I'm in soundstage 1. C'mon down! ;)" to Marc.

You page, "Did you get my email (with the character sheet) okay? ;)" to Marc.

Marc pages, "Is that you, Collie? No I didn't get a character sheet from you. when did you send it?" to you.

Below we see the player enter the room the OneShotGM is in, which causes some automated code to alert those present in the room -- currently only the OneShotGM.

Marc comes in from the soundstage lobby. (OOC)

Marc has arrived.

You page, "Yup, it's me! Sent it about um... 10 minutes ago? ;)" to Marc.

OneShotGM says, "Hi! ;)"

OneShotGM says, "If you ever want to know who someone is, just type wi NAME ;)"

Marc = Marc says "Hi!" and waves

OneShotGM grins. "To speak, just type " in front of what you want to say."

OneShotGM says, "To make an action, just type :"

Marc looks bewildered and says "Let me check the email again"

Marc says, "brb"

OneShotGM says, "Once the cambot is on, typing a " or an : means it's IC, and the cambot will pick it up. If you want to make an OOC comment, just double-type, i.e. use a "" to say something OOC, or a :: to make an OOC gesture. ;)"

OneShotGM says, "Also, I have a favor to ask of you, if I may. Bob's mentioned several times how the OOC logs are so very different from what the cambot gets as IC. So I was wondering... would it be okay with you if I logged our combat tonight, and put both versions of the logs up, so folks could learn from them? ;)"

Marc says, "I got the characer sheet and am printing it out. Got the instructions for OOC v. IC comments. "

OneShotGM says, "Cool. ;)"

OneShotGM says, "Is my favor acceptable to you also? ;)"

Marc says, " Go ahead and Log. I'm not shy (Well really I am, but go ahead anyway)."

OneShotGM grins, "Very cool. Thanks, Marc! Okay... did you get the instructions on how to change your name here, for the one-shot, too?

Marc says, "yes. I'm waiting for the printer (it is a slow, old printer)"

OneShotGM grins, "No worries. Feel free to change your name while you're waiting? ;)"

Marc says, "here it comes"

OneShotGM says, "Okay! ;)"

The player, Marc, successfully changes his character's name to Hideki for this game.

Hideki says, "Let's see if this works"

OneShotGM says, "Looks good to me! ;)"

Hideki jumps for joy and says, "It worked!!:)

OneShotGM laughs!

OneShotGM grins, "Okay then! So, ready to give this a whirl? ;)"

Hideki says, "How do you roll dice? Or do I need to get my dice bag?"

OneShotGM says, "Please remember, of course, that I'm pretty new to this too! ;)"

OneShotGM says, "Oh, right. Okay, here's the deal:"

OneShotGM says, "To roll dice you type the following: daveroll #v {skill}+d6-d6"

OneShotGM says, "So for example, if I have a 15 in martial arts, and I want to do a martial arts skill roll, I'd type: daveroll #v 15+d6-d6"

OneShotGM says, "Which would look like this:"

(OOC) You rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 5 } for 13

Hideki says, "let me try!!!"

OneShotGM says, "Now, if one of those dice rolls were a 6, I'd roll again as necessary. Let's say that 5 was actually a 6, okay? In that case I'd roll again like so:"

(OOC) You rolled 13-d6 { 4 } for 9

OneShotGM says, "Sure, go ahead! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 5 } for 13

OneShotGM says, "There you go! Looks like you got the same roll as me that time, too. ;)"

Hideki checks the dice suspiciously and says "Yeah I did, didn't I" B-)

OneShotGM grins, "Try again. What's your intrusion skill roll? Do that one. ;)

Hideki says, "You didn't give me an intrusion AV"

Hideki says, "What is this from? Ninja?"

OneShotGM says, "Um, that'd be whatever the skill is, plus your agility attribute, I think?"

OneShotGM says, "No, I think it's everyman. I swiped it from one of the one-shot games I'm running. ;)"

Hideki says, "you didn't give a skill number for Intrusion, Driving or Fix-it"

OneShotGM says, "Hm. Moment..."

OneShotGM says, "Ah, here we go. I'm sorry, Marc -- my error. Please give yourself a +2 on each of those."

Hideki says, "kewl"

OneShotGM says, "Then for Intrusion's total, add your mind; for driving add your reflex; for fix-it add your mind."

OneShotGM says, "So frex intrusion would be a total of 8. Make sense?"

Hideki says, "actually intrusion adds Agility (REF) for 10, but I get the idea."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 10+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 5 } for 11

OneShotGM rechecks... whups, you're right. Sorry about that.

OneShotGM says, "Ah! See, there's a 6. So you'd re-roll again. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+1d6 { 4 } for 15

Hideki smiles triuphantly and says "got it!!!

OneShotGM says, "Very cool!"

OneShotGM says, "okay, so right now you've got philosophy leadership and fixit at 8, intrusion and driving at 10, and MA at 15. Right?"

Hideki says, "Right"

Hideki says, "It's Go Time!!!"

OneShotGM says, "Okay! So, first things first... I'm going to turn the cambot on now. Ready?"

Hideki says, "BTW I am a slow typer so please bear with me"

Hideki says, "Ready"

The OneShotGM starts up the log by using the following command. Automated code causes it to appear on screen, so players can tell when a log is on or not.


(OOC) You start a new log!

Hideki is walking down the streets of downtown Hong Kong. Suddenly 10 grim-faced men jump out and assault him!

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "We're not worrying unduly about common sense or backgrounds here -- we're just going RIGHT into the combat! First, some mooks for you. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So, what do you do? ;)"

Hideki gets into his Mighty Horse stance and prepares for the attack

(OOC) Hideki rolled 8+1d6 { 3 } for 11

One of the men snarls, "Prepared to get seriously whonked, round-eyes!" and leaps to the attack!

(OOC) Hideki says, "My initiative is 11"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Moment, let me roll for the mooks..."

(OOC) You roll 1d6+8 for 9

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, you first!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "What do you want to do? Remember, the more stunt-y, the better! ;)"

Hideki shouts "Fox's Retreat"

(OOC) Hideki says, "that was at 11. My Dodge is now 20."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Okay, that costs you 1 Chi, and adds +5 to dodge. Gotcha!

Hideki put his walking staff on the ground and polevaults into the guy who spoke.

(OOC) Hideki at 10 I kick the guy

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 1 } for 17

(OOC) Hideki says, " hits with a 17"

(OOC) Hideki says, "You do see my rolls, so I don't have to report them, right?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Yes, I can see them. I'm just making frantic notes so I don't fall behind! ;)"

Hideki stands resolutely over the fallen mook and gets into his Fox's Retreat stance again, waiting for the inevitable attack.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "let's see. The mook has a 5 with martial arts. This means your outcome is 15 greater than his. You can hit other mooks too, on the same action, for a -2 on each successive mook. Would you like to do so?"

(OOC) Hideki Not right now

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Don't do your 'result' pose until I've had a chance to do the mook's reaction, though, please. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "OK"

The mook is completely unprepared, and takes Hideki's kick right in the chest! He falls, wheezing and unconscious.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, moment while I now swap those last two lines in the log..."

The OneShotGM is using code specific to the cambot here. The others present in the room will not see this -- only the person making the changes in the log will. For a listing of what you can do with cambots, we recommend you go to a room with a cambot in it, and type look cambot.

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00008> The mook is completely unprepared, and takes Hideki's kick right in the chest! He falls, wheezing and unconscious.

( Listing Complete OOC )

swap 7=8

(OOC) Lines swapped.

Below, the OneShotGM is double-checking her corrections worked.

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00008> Hideki stands resolutely over the fallen mook and gets into his Fox's Retreat stance again, waiting for the inevitable attack.

( Listing Complete OOC )

The corrections 'took' just fine, as the above shows.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, now we're cooking! So, now the mooks go. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "On 9. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Yup"

The remaining goons look outraged, and charge to the attack with a blistering mix of kicks, chops, and shouts!

Hideki sneers

The OneShotGM rolls for all nine mooks.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Nine remaining mooks, so..."

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 3 } for 5

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 5 } for 4

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 4 } for 4

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 1 } for 10

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 5 } for 6

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 5 } for 2

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 6 } for 3

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 6 } for 5

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 4 } for 6

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "gracious! Lots of 6s. Okay, moment..."

daveroll #v 10+d6

(OOC) You rolled 10+d6 { 5 } for 15

daveroll #v 6+d6

(OOC) You rolled 6+d6 { 2 } for 8

daveroll #v 5+d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6 { 5 } for 10

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, no hits. Now the guys that rolled 6 on their negative dice..."

daveroll #v 3-d6

(OOC) You rolled 3-d6 { 2 } for 1

daveroll #v 5-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5-d6 { 5 } for 0

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! No really awful rolls. So, now I pose..."

Hideki sneers again

Passers-by flee the area precipitously at the amount of sound and fury in this area! When the dust clears, however, Hideki stands there still, untouched and unruffled!

Hideki swings his staff low to knock 3 of them off their feet.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! Now it's 7, and your turn. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "You'll need to get at least a 5 on the first one, a 7 on the next, and a 9 on the last one. Make sense? ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "should wait until you tell me to go"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Yes, definitely -- many GMs will be hinky if you go before they're ready. However, I'm ready -- go for it! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Also, remember not to put in reactions to attacks until after the attack pose has been typed in. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Do you need the daveroll phrase again?"

(OOC) Hideki says " I forget how to roll this. Do I make one roll at -4 (2 extra people) or 3 rolls at -0, -2, and -4?

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Oh! it's easy -- just do a daveroll at your current level of skill, then subtract 2 from your skill level and roll again -- then do the same thing again. Make sense?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Yup"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "If you get all the rolls, you hit them all successfully. If you miss one, though, you miss all the following ones as well."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 4 } for 15

(OOC) Hideki rolled 13+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 4 } for 14

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 3 } for 9

(OOC) Hideki says, "Like That?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Yup! You got them all. Now... since they have a 5 martial arts, you've rolled enough outcome that the first two are out of the fight, and the third is staggering. Go ahead and add that information to your pose, okay?"

Hideki looks mockingly at the fallen and shouts "Save Yourselves while you can"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hang on -- type viewlast 5 please?"

OneShotGM is using cambot-specific commands below again, which repeat portions of the log.

viewlast 5

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

The remaining goons look outraged, and charge to the attack with a blistering mix of kicks, chops, and shouts!

Hideki sneers

Hideki sneers again

Passers-by flee the area precipitously at the amount of sound and fury in this area! When the dust clears, however, Hideki stands there still, untouched and unruffled!

Hideki swings his staff low to knock 3 of them off their feet.

Hideki looks mockingly at the fallen and shouts "Save Yourselves while you can"

( Listing Complete OOC )

The log repetition is completed, and the OOC conversation resumes.

(OOC) Hideki says, "Sorry"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "No, don't be sorry... I just want to point out a stylistic thing. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Do you see how the second to the last pose is you swinging your staff -- and the next is you looking mockingly at them? Why not try typing a little more? Let me try an example for you, perhaps..."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "I'll do it OOC, so you can type your own -- this is just an example, of course. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hideki's staff is a blur of motion, so fast that the first two goons don't even see it coming! They both flip and tumble wildly, finally coming to a stop in that sprawl-limbed pose that shows they're out for the count. The third mook tries his best to dodge, but even he gets knocked for a loop. He's staggering, trying to regain his balance."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "See what I mean? There's more visuals now. You want to describe what you do on-line, so the other players can 'see' it too -- especially when the genre is martial arts action movies. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Does that help?"

(OOC) Hideki says, " Got the Idea. However if I tried to type that much we would be here until morning B-)"

(OOC) OneShotGM smiles, "Don't worry about it, Marc. We have plenty of slow typists here. What's important is not the speed of your typing -- it's the quality of what you have to say. Go ahead, give it a try! ;)

Hideki's staff is a blur of motion, so fast that the first two goons don't even see it coming! They both flip and tumble wildly, finally coming to a stop in that sprawl-limbed pose that shows they're out for the count. The third mook tries his best to dodge, but even he gets knocked for a loop. He's staggering, trying to regain his balance. Hideki stands and mocks the fallen as he resumes his stance.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, that works. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "now the goons, on 6."

(OOC) Hideki says, "ready"

The mooks look a bit taken aback -- but then, at a shout from one of them, they leap to the attack once again! Snarls, whirls of motion, speeding fists and feet blur past...

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 1 } for 10

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 5 } for 2

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 2 } for 8

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 5 } for 2

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 3 } for 4

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 3 } for 6

daveroll #v 5+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 5+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 5 } for 4

daveroll #v 10+d6

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "now the 6 rolls..."

(OOC) You rolled 10+d6 { 2 } for 12

Hideki's staff weaves a shield of wood as he defends himself.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! now you on 4. ;)"

Hideki entangles the last attacker with his staff and levers him into 2 others.

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 4 } for 17

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay, roll to attack the same as last time. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 13+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 5 } for 10

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 2 } for 13

(OOC) Hideki rolled 17+1d6 { 6 } for 23

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "excellent! You knock all 3 out. Pose it as dramatically as you like -- you did REALLY good! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 23+1d6 { 3 } for 26

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "damn fine roll. ;)"

Hideki watches as the flying mook pinwheels into 2 of his fellows, knocking them down in a tangle of flailing limbs. All three lie stunned and groaning on the ground. Hideki sneers menacing at the remaining mooks and resumes his stance.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, now a change of pace. ;)"

The score currently is: Hideki 6, goons 0! The remaining four goons get a rather grim look, then shout loudly together. As they do so -- they all four whip out nasty-looking HK MP5s! There's a deafening rattle of small machinegun fire, accompanied by the whine and whistle of flying bullets off metal.

daveroll #v 8+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 8+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 6 } for 8

daveroll #v 8+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 8+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 4 } for 6

daveroll #v 8+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 8+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 2 } for 11

daveroll #v 8+d6-d6

(OOC) You rolled 8+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 4 } for 10

daveroll #v 8+d6

(OOC) You rolled 8+d6 { 2 } for 10

daveroll #v 10+d6

(OOC) You rolled 10+d6 { 3 } for 13

daveroll #v 10-d6

(OOC) You rolled 10-d6 { 5 } for 5

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hmm... I think there's something special that happens when you get boxcars. Moment, please?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "actually, collie, mook #1 has to roll again (with a + and - die) If he succeeds it is a spectacular success. If he fails it is a fumble."

(OOC) Hideki says, "He fumbled"

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "That's what I'm trying to find in the book... ah! Moment."

(OOC) Hideki says, "page 10"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay, so it became an 8 +2 -5 = 5. Yes, I think that's a fumble."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Let's see..."

Several nearby trashcans shred entirely, and one of the machineguns literally explodes in the hands of the attacker! Miraculously, yet again Hideki is utterly untouched and unscathed.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, moment while I make a note..."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "There we go -- 3 goons left, and it's your turn on 3."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Excuse me, it's your turn on 1."

Hideki rolls under the swarm of bullets and sweeps the legs out from under the remaining 3 mooks.

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 1 } for 15

(OOC) Hideki rolled 13+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 2 } for 12

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Cool. Roll! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+1d6-1d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 4 } for 9

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "you get all 3! Go ahead and pose that. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "oh, and 2 of the 3 are out."

Hideki rolls to his feet and looks disdainfully at the 2 fallen mooks. He kicks their guns into a storm drain, looks at the remaining gunman and points back down the alley with his staff.

The goon is no fool -- he takes to his heels and is soon gone! The sound of running feet echo for a few moments... then silence falls.

Hideki picks up one of the stunned mooks and slaps him to consciousness. "Who Sent You?" he shouts menacingly.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hold on. Always announce what you're intending to the GM. Frex, if you'd said you wanted to interrogate the mooks, as GM I might have wanted to have them all disintegrate into piles of stinking ash, or the police arrive before you could do that. Or I might have wanted to have one of them beg for mercy or something first. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Now. I have a question -- I have someone here who's willing to run the other chara in a 'named' bad guy fight. Would you like that, or would you prefer I run the bad guy?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "remember, on-line it's always safest to ask first. Communication is critical on-line, because the text is all folks can see -- they can't see facial expressions or anything else. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "got it. "

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay. So... how would you like the bad guy run? ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Who is the other person? If it is easier on you, by all means have the other person run the baddie (or good guy. I haven't decided which I am B-)."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, no worries then! Oh, you're the good guy -- this IS Hong Kong martial arts action, after all! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, I'm going to do some arranging so the other guy can play too. Moment, please! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "okay"

The other player, Kuei, arrives.

Kuei comes in from the soundstage lobby. (OOC)

Kuei has arrived.

(OOC) OneShotGM waves to Kuei! ;)

(OOC) Kuei says, "Nihao. Where next victim?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, cambot is on; meet Hideki, the good guy in tonight's show. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Hideki bows to Kuie

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! Is everyone ready? Kuei, let me know when the chara sheet arrives via email, please?"

(OOC) Kuei nods. "Nihao. Promise will make beating short and only slightly gratuitous.

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs!

(OOC) Hideki says, "good luck with that"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, just to remind everyone, here's the formula for damage: Outcome + damage (STR/BOD) - victim's toughness (BOD) = wounds"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "By STR/BOD it's meant whichever one is listed on your sheet, not both."

(OOC) Hideki says, "plus weapon damage (frex a staff does STR +3), right?"

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "yes, that's correct."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Ready for my beating"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, frex, has two handguns. Oh, drat, I forgot to put their stats in... moment."

(OOC) Hideki shudders. "Great. I brought a staff to a gun fight."

(OOC) Kuei grins. "Will be over fast. Got village-burning waiting on me."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Over my dead body. Oh, right, that's the idea."

(OOC) Kuei nods! "Now you with program!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! Kuei, your large handgun is a Colt 1911A, which does 10 damage; your small handgun is a Beretta Model 950BS Jet Fire, which does 8 damage. I'll give you 2 clips for each, if it becomes important. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei is hands-on kind of ogre. I tie him up like bear."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So. Everyone ready?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "ready"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Oh yeah."

Horizontal rules are conventionally used in logs to denote the passage of some period of time.

It's some time later, and Hideki is walking along the street wondering what caused those strangers to attack him.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, Kuei, make your opening pose! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Then both of you roll initiative. ;)"

As the following comment shows, reading the logs doesn't show passage of actual time at all. If someone in your group isn't replying, a polite comment to see if they're responding is fine. In this case, Kuei was simply typing -- he'd not lost connection or anything similar.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei? Typing?"

Until he runs out of street. There's a roadblock up ahead. A six-and-a-half-foot-tall, green roadblock. With teeth. Very large teeth. "Nihao," says the obstruction. "Sorry about mooks. Skilled amateur hard to find. No problem. Deliver vicious beatings in person. Don't worry. Kuei is professional."

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs! "okay, good. Initiatives, everyone? ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 8+1d6 { 1 } for 9

(OOC) Kuei rolls 4+1d6 { 5 } for 9

(OOC) Kuei says, "Nine."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Right. Now... what REF do you both have, please?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "my REF is 8"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei is up to speed on rules. Has made big rock noise for Collie with Feng Shui before. However, apparently also illiterate, and read incorrectly; REF is 4, snack -- I mean Hideki -- going first on shot 9."

(OOC) OneShotGM giggles. "Yes, Hideki goes first. Hideki, what's your reaction to the last pose, please? ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And it's 9."

Hideki shouts "You will pay for your insolence!" and assumes his fox's retreat stance.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That costs 1 shot. Okay, moment..."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, what's your action, please?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "On 8."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei invoking Fu Shtick 'Armored in Life,' 3 shot cost."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, and makes a note. Also, both of you please tell the GM and the other player what your schtick does, OOCly?

(OOC) Hideki says, "adds 5 to my Dodge"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei's toughness increases by three for purposes of damage resolution."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Excellent! Okay, it's now still 8, and Hideki's move."

Hideki Leaps into the air, shouts "Angry Hawk Takes Flight!" and slams his staff into the large green obstacle in his path.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Roll your attack, please?"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 4 } for 14

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Umm... that *just* hits, yes, Kuei?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "But there's no outcome, so it's damage - Kuei's BOD - 3 for wounds."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "What's your damage, Hideki?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Provided Kuei not employing Active Dodge. Kuei is sports-ogre, and so will let snack take his shot unhindered. :)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "oh, good point! Sorry, I forgot about dodging. ;-p"

(OOC) OneShotGM giggles re sports-ogre... ;)

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hideki, staff damage, please? ;)"

The following line is the first of a small number of typos, where something which should have been OOC is accidentally typed in as an IC comment. Don't feel bad about these -- they happen, especially in the heat of combat. They're usually pretty easy to spot and correct -- you can see the OneShotGM correct it a line or two later.

Hideki says, "9 damage"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Not say Kuei is heartless. Especially after he eat this one. Then he have two."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Careful, that got caught by the log. I'll get it... and on 5, Hideki, it's your go again. ;)"

Here's the command to make the correction to the log...

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00037> Hideki says, "9 damage"

( Listing Complete OOC )

deleteline 37

(OOC) Line 37 deleted.

...and it's completed.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, so that'd be 9 - 4 - 3 for 2 wounds for Kuei, yes?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja. Kuei take one for the team."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

Hideki lands low and whirls his staff so to sweep speed bumps (er, Kuei's) legs out from under him

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And roll, please?"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 3 } for 13

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hm. That one misses, I think."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Lousy dice lice"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, would you like to pose dodging that one?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei not impressed with verbal imprecations."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "Tsk. Kuei *lives* for verbal imprecations! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! Once you've posed your dodge, Kuei, it's your turn on 5. ;)"

Kuei hops up, surprisingly lightly for someone that probably weighs a hundred kilos or more, letting the staff slide under him. He lands with a *thud* of boot heels on concrete. "Now Kuei's turn! Time to make big rock noise!"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei lives for imprecations, but is part of charm."

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs!

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And roll, please? ;)"

The greenskin lunges with a Shaolin long punch.

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 5 } for 15

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Ooh, a 6! Roll again! ;)"

(OOC) Kuei rolled d6 { 2 } for 2

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei hits 17."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "you can use the daveroll for re-rolls, too. Let's see... that becomes a 17. That hits!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That's an outcome of 2. What's your damage, Kuei?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "No, with Fox's retreat, he has to hit a 20."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Oh! Whoops, thanks for reminding me, Hideki!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So Kuei actually misses. Go ahead and pose the dodge, Hideki, and then it's your turn on 2."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Actually, Fox's Retreat not applicable here."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Really? Whyso?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "In book, "Counts as Defensive Action, not 'until end of sequence.'"

(OOC) Hideki says, "actually I was playing it wrong, so it does hit. My bad."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Not to be rules ogre or anything."

(OOC) OneShotGM blinks, "Drat. I think some of the mooks might actually have hit! Oh, well, my error. Okay, in that case, what's your damage, Kuei?"

(OOC) OneShotGM snerks at Kuei, "Stop that. No punning."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Strength, plus 2, plus Outcome of 2, for eight."

(OOC) Hideki says, "2 points get through toughness"

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "So now you both have 2 wounds, and it's Hideki's turn on 2.

This time it's the GM who messes up. Same routine as before, as you can see, to correct.

OneShotGM says, "No, wait."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "oh, FOO!"

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00041> OneShotGM says, "No, wait."

( Listing Complete OOC )

deleteline 41

(OOC) Line 41 deleted.

(OOC) OneShotGM gets her own error. ;-p

(OOC) Kuei says, "Keep in mind, Armored in Life is 'until end of sequence,' so still in effect."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, where were we. Ah! Good, Kuei did include the outcome. Onwards!"

Hideki takes the force of the light blow and uses it to spin around and smashes the ogre under the extended arm, shouting "Snake strikes back at Attacker!

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 1 } for 18

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That hits, with an outcome of 4."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Damage is 13."

(OOC) Hideki says, "9+4"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay. Subtract the 3, and take 10 wounds, Kuei."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And now Kuei on 2."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei takes 6. Fu Shtick still in effect, remember?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "It's just a minus 3, though, right?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei's Toughness is effectively 7 now."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay, I'm now confused. Let's see. We had an outcome of 4. Damage with the staff is 9. Kuei's toughness is 4+3. Did I miss anything?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "13. Minus 7."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So that's 4+9-7 for 6. Okay! Now I'm clear. Thanks! And it's Kuei on 2. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Actually, before end of Hideki's turn, Kuei invokes Fu Shtick "Tiger Stance." Immediately after you are damaged by an opponent in hand-to-hand combat, you may launch a free Martial Arts attack on that opponent. This has no effect on your current Shot."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei is burning through Chi like no tomorrow, heh."

(OOC) Hideki says, "If you got it, flaunt it."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Go for it, Kuei -- use the schtick, and then go on 2.

Kuei grunts, struck on the ribs, and snaps his elbow down on the attacker's head, replying, "Ogre confused by talkative snake."

(OOC) OneShotGM checks -- that's 4 chi used by Kuei, and 1 used by Hideki, yes?

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 4 } for 15

(OOC) Hideki says, "yup"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That just hits, with no outcome. Damage, please?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Damage six."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay... and Hideki has 6 Bod, so there's no damage."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hideki, pose your not receiving damage, please, and then Kuei, do your next attack?"

Hideki shakes off the tap of the ogre's elbow and says, "You must do better than that"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay! Now on 2 -- Kuei."

Kuei hmmms as the first attack has little to no effect. "Hard-shelled snack." He leaps backward a few feet, before producing a very large handgun. "Need better nutcracker. Better living through technology, ja?" BLAM!

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs! "And roll? ;)"

(OOC) Kuei rolled 13+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 3 } for 16

(OOC) Kuei rolled d6 { 3 } for 3

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei hits nineteen."

(OOC) Hideki says, "no more shot so I can't actively dodge. Darn."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That hits, with an outcome of 4. Damage is... um... 11 minus 6 is... 5. Yes?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, pose getting hit, Hideki, and then go on 1."

(OOC) Hideki says, " if it is the Colt 1911A, it is 10 + 4 -6 for 8"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "did I add that wrong?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "ooh, I did. I'm sorry. You're right, it's 8."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, go ahead and pose the hit, then your action on 1, Hideki."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja. Kuei also made mistake. Not got head for numbers."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

Hideki staggers back with the gun shot, shakes his head, and takes his Mighty Horse stance with a resolute look on his face.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Excellent! And now the attack."

(OOC) Hideki says, "I did an attack at 2 and that means I am out of actions. We roll for initiative, I think."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja, time for new sequence."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Actually, it says you can act on 1 with no penalty."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "As long as it's not more than a 3 shot action."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Page 130. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "What shot is it? If going on 2 and taking 3-shot action, sequence over."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Did you both do so?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Take a 3 shot action, that is?"

(OOC) OneShotGM rolls her eyes -- this is why I shouldn't GM! ;) Okay, roll for init! ;)

(OOC) Hideki says, "I think that is only if you are on shot 1 (if you took a 3 shot action on 4 and moved the counter down)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6 { 1 } for 16

(OOC) Hideki rolled 8+d6 { 4 } for 12

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja. Shot 2, 3 shot action, count down to -1, time for new sequence."

(OOC) Hideki says, "sorry the first one was a wrong roll. Initiative is 12."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Yup! Kuei, init? ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ref score is EIGHT? Holy cats!"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Kuei rolled 4+d6 { 2 } for 6

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "We're starting over on 12. Hideki goes first, and has 10 wounds, and Kuei has 8."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "wowsers."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, Hideki, make it good! ;)"

Hideki dances forward, with a high pitched laugh, and tries to grab the gun from the ogre's hand

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Are you using your schtick to do so, Hideki? If so, be sure to announce it. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Laughter of the Fox allows me to grab a weapon on a martial arts roll. Is it a Signature Weapon?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Boomers all the same to Kuei."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "I don't think so?"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "That's a no. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 1 } for 18

(OOC) Hideki says, "It needs to beat his Dodge value"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, what's your dodge, please?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hm... agility, isn't it? That'd be a 5, yes/no?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "best of Martial Arts, Guns, Creature Powers, Sorcery, or Arcanowave"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Ah! That'd be a 14 for MA then."

(OOC) Kuei says, "What he said. Not worth losing shot for Active Dodge."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So the grab does succeed?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja. Lose one boomer."

(OOC) Hideki says, "that took 3 shots and 1 chi"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay. That means Hideki now has a +3 Action Value. Urg... what on earth does that mean, please?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "He get +3 to shoot me with boomer he stole."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Oh, okay. So... let's see. Hideki on 6."

(OOC) Hideki says, "on 9 actually."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Yes, I just noticed that. Sorry."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Go, Hideki! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM checks... Hideki's used 2 chi, and Kuei's used 4, yes?

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay. Onwards! ;)"

Hideki sneers and says "So you think to use these childish toys. See what it is like to have it used against you!!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And roll?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "don't forget to add the +3 to the daveroll."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Actually we regain all our chi at the beginning of the sequense, so I used 1 and Kuei hasn't used any yet."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 2 } for 14

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "hm... where'd the 11 come from, please?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "my REF of 8 + 3 for the Schtick (I have no other gun skill)"

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Gotcha. So... that's a hit, with no outcome. Damage is 10 - 4 BOD for 6 wounds.

(OOC) Kuei says, "Hideki declares Active Dodge."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Er, Kuei does."

(OOC) OneShotGM fixes her chi notes too. Okay! Pose the active dodge, please, Kuei! ;)

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Hideki says, "Then it is a miss"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Yes, but I still want the shot and miss posed into the log. It doesn't make sense otherwise. ;)"

Kuei takes cover behind a large dumpster. He grumbles, "By the hounds of Zeus, what treachery is this?! Er... I mean, whaa?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "and we should be declaring it before the roll from now on B-)"

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs!

(OOC) OneShotGM nods. "Okay, good point. Now... we're on... 6. Hideki, you go!"

(OOC) Hideki laughs. "a classical ogre.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And Kuei, that cost you one shot, right?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei suffer from occasional character slippage."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Kuei says, "Ja. Shot drop by one."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Got it. Hideki, your go! ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Not make big difference, better than being busted in head."

Hideki shouts "Coward!!! Face your own toy!!!" and takes another shot

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Roll?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Dodging?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei behind cover. And does not have to declare Active Dodge until hit made."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Cover table on page 138."

(OOC) OneShotGM moments...

(OOC) Hideki rolled 11+d6-d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 2 } for 10

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Ah, here we go -- yes, dodges can be activated at any time. I think that's a miss, Hideki."

Hideki's shot flies wildly as he deals with the unfamiliar recoil. Stupid toy.

Kuei pokes his head up a moment. "Uh, you got point little hollow end at Kuei first."

(OOC) Hideki says, "Yup is a miss"

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs! "Kuei is a smartass! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "Okay. Now it's Kuei on 5. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei is ogre of many facets."

(OOC) OneShotGM LOL! ;)

(OOC) OneShotGM notes to you both that she's going to artificially stop the combat at 10:00pm here, since hopefully by then Hideki will have a good grasp on combat in Feng Shui here, and will be comfortable with it. So... Kuei, your turn! ;)

Kuei pats his pockets a few times and comes up with a smaller Beretta Jet Fire. He pops up again; "Here, I give you free demonstration!"

(OOC) OneShotGM giggles. "Okay, roll!"

(OOC) Kuei rolled 13+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 5 } for 13

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hm... that misses, unfortunately."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So, pose the miss, Hideki, then your attack on 3. ;)"

Kuei hmms. "Kuei need adjust for windage."

Hideki says, "maybe you should practice more. You weren't pointing hollow end at Kuei""

Kuei bellows, "Of COURSE not! If pointing hollow end at Kuei, Kuei blow his own head off! What they teaching in schools nowadays?!"

(OOC) OneShotGM falls over laughing!! ;)

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "So, Hideki, your turn! ;)"

Hideki leaps onto the closed dumpster lid and takes a mighty swing at Kuei's head as he crouches behind dumpster. "I will show you what they taught me! Gorilla Beats Log with Stick!"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 3 } { [1d6] 5 } for 13

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Unfortunately that misses too! Kuei, pose the dodge, and go on 2! ;)"

The big troll deflects the blow off his forearm, and points the Jet Fire back up at Hideki. "Troll grows confused by zoological references." Bang!

(OOC) Kuei rolled 13+d6-d6 { [1d6] 1 } { [1d6] 4 } for 10

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hm. I think I could have modified these characters better. ;-p Kuei, I'm afraid that misses too. Hideki, last attack on this turn! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Pose the miss, then do your attack, please. ;)"

Hideki doesn't even notice the bullet flies off. "What are they teaching you in school?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "I think it is initiative."

Kuei rolls his eyes, "Better repartee than 'know you are but what am I,' that for sure."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "I believe you get an action on 1, Hideki, because your last action was on 3, yes/no? Or is this one of those 3-shot-uses-it-all-up things?"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Kuei says, "Shot 3 count down to shot 0. New sequence."

Hideki says, "Oh they made it all the way to Rubber and Glue, eh?"

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "All right. Roll it!"

Kuei says, "Kuei not lowering himself to sophomorics."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 8+d6 { 6 } for 14

(OOC) Kuei rolled 4+d6 { 3 } for 7

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Wowsers again! Does that 6 get re-rolled?"

(OOC) Kuei says, "No."

(OOC) Hideki says, "No not on initiative"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay. So, Hideki, your turn on 14. Go! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And everyone's at 0 chi again."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And Hideki has 10 wounds, and Kuei has 8."

Hideki leaps off the dumpster, laughs manically, and grabs for the small gun.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Roll!"

(OOC) Hideki says, "They liked it once they'll love it twice."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 6 } { [1d6] 4 } for 17

(OOC) Hideki rolled 17+d6 { 4 } for 21

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Ahh... yah, I'd say you successfully grabbed it. Don't forget to announce using the schticks though, please!"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Sorry"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Laughter of the Fox"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Pose it in the log too, please?"

Hideki sneers at the ogre. "Where are your toys now?" as he tossed the gun into the storm drain.

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "That's 14. Now on 11, your turn again."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hideki, when you use a schtick, please remember to pose something dramatic about it into the log, okay? ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM hmms... then again, perhaps maniacal laughter counts -- for Laughter of the Fox. ;->

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Anyway! Onwards -- it's 11, and your go, Hideki! ;)"

Kuei tilts his head, "That second time you start laughing for no reason. You got emotional problems? Kuei not like to pummel the handicapped. You should show him AMA papers BEFORE fight starts!"

(OOC) OneShotGM giggles.

Hideki swinging his staff, he entangles the ogre and, having immobilized him, heaves him into the open dumpster.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Um, it's usually best to type things as if it's what you're intending, *then* make your roll, Hideki?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "this is a stunt. You will have to tell me the minuses. "

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Also, as I recall the dumpster was closed when you jumped up on it -- although that's a small thing in a martial arts flick. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, " a second dumpster, of course."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Hm. Well, let's see. The ogre's probably pretty damn heavy, so let's give the stunt a -2. So... roll on martial arts?"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 13+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 3 } for 14

The GM messes up yet again...

OneShotGM says, "Hmm... yes, that actually hits!"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei declare Active Dodge."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Oh, foo."

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00069> OneShotGM says, "Hmm... yes, that actually hits!"

( Listing Complete OOC )

deleteline 69

(OOC) Line 69 deleted.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Sorry about that, guys."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay, let's see... active dodge, got it. In that case it misses, Hideki. Kuei, pose the dodge, and then Hideki, you go on 8."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And I'll just edit the pose later so it reflects intention instead of action."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Kuei, typing? ;)"

Kuei deflects the staff on the side of his boot, kicks upward, wrapping his leg around and catching the staff in the crook of his knee, then pushes the smaller human away, releasing the staff. "Hey, watch it. Kuei's boots cost arm and a leg."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins. "Okay. Now your go on 8, Hideki. ;)"

Hideki grabs the staff and spins it to rain a flurry of blows on the ogre, shouting "Tornado wrecks Trailer Park."

(OOC) OneShotGM arghs! Martial arts masters everywhere *cringe* at that one! ;)

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "Roll!"

(OOC) Hideki says, "this is just color, not a Schtick B-)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 6 } for 14

(OOC) OneShotGM grins and got that, yes.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And that one hits!"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei feeling magnanimous, he let that one slide."

(OOC) Hideki rolled 14-d6 { 2 } for 12

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Whups! Hideki caught the 6 -- I missed it! That's actually a miss, sorry."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, pose the miss, Kuei, then go on 7."

The purple-colored conversational bits are 'whispers,' occurring only between the people whispering to each other, and does not disturb anyone else in the room. This is a good way for a GM to pass privileged information to a particular player.

However, caution should be observed when using the whisper command -- you don't want to be accidentally rude by slowing down the game with conversations some of those present are cut out of.

Kuei whispers, "Actually, if you want, I can just dump this dumpster on him and we can end it there, no harm done ;)" to you.

You whisper, "Hm. Let me check with him, please, first." to Kuei.

You whisper, "Hi, Marc! This is Collie, in a communication that goes only to you. I have a question -- are you having fun? Is this making sense? Do you want to continue until 10, or stop here? ;)" to Hideki.

You whisper, "Okay, so I have several questions. Anyways! Comments? ;)" to Hideki.

You whisper, "Oh, and to answer just to me, type wh oneshotgm=[text]" to Hideki.

You whisper, "Go ahead and at least pose the miss. He's thinking. ;)" to Kuei.

Hideki whispers, "Yes I am having fun. I am familiar with the FS rules, but I am enjoying the on-line experience. Maybe we should end it after this sequence, if no one dies." to you.

The following is automated code which does not appear in the log. Explanation follows.

## In the distance, a train's shrill whistle warns of a mail and fuel stop. ##

You whisper, "Okay! makes perfect sense to me, and I'm so pleased you're having fun! ;)" to Hideki.

(OOC) Hideki says, "Train????????"

You whisper, "he suggested going on to the end of this sequence." to Kuei.

Kuei blocks adroitly, mostly just weathering the hits on his forearms. He is a resilient troll, as well as a cosmopolitan one.

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "It's just a phrase coded in by Lou for fun, which indicates the computer's doing an automatic save. ;)"

Hideki whispers, "thanks" to you.

You whisper, "so, is that okay with you? It's only 5 more actions, so shouldn't take too long. ;)" to Kuei.

Kuei whispers, "Oh sure. :)" to you.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! So, Kuei, it's your action on 7."

## In the distance, the screech of wheels on rails announces a mail stop. ##

## In the distance, the train's whistle blows, and you hear it pull away. ##

Kuei ducks down under the final blow, stating, "Kuei is having a very hard time following your metaphor." While he does so he gets a solid grip on the bottom of the dumpster...

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And that text says the save was successfully completed! ;)"

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 5 } { [1d6] 6 } for 13

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "uh-oh... reroll the 6."

(OOC) Kuei rolled d6 { 5 } for 5

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "oh, fooie. That's an 8."

...and then falls on his ass. "Kuei is also having a very difficult afternoon."

(OOC) OneShotGM falls over laughing! "man, Kuei, you are a lot of fun! ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "Okay! So, Hideki, it's your go on 5! ;)"

Hideki stands back contemptuously while the ogre regains its feet. "I refuse to hit a downed opponent, even one a clumsy as you. There is no challenge in it."

Kuei arches one enormously pointed eyebrow, "Hey, you the one with bullet hole in ass."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "er... are you giving away your 5, or are we just 'waiting' until he rises again?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "That should cost me some shots"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "hm. Sure, I'll dock you one. How's that? That means it's... Hideki on 4!"

Hideki says, "Only because you missed what you were aiming at.""

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Go ahead and go, Hideki, and assume Kuei's on his feet again. ;)"

Kuei says, "Kuei not so sure. You very big ass."

Hideki waits till the ogre regains his feet and, using the rounded end of the staff, lunges at its abdomen. "Ram Stuns Tiger"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And roll! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 2 } for 17

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei letting that one slide."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That hits with an outcome of 2. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay. So, 2 + 9 - 4 is 11. That correct?"

(OOC) Hideki says, "7"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Er... 11 - 4 is seven."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "urgh. Math not strong suit!"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Sorry about that. Yes, you're right -- 7. Now Kuei on 4! ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei invoke Tiger Stance."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "That's... 1 chi, gotcha."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Go ahead and pose something accordingly?"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "And roll for your attack too."

Kuei gnrks, doubling over a bit as he's poked in the stomach, and takes a wide hammer-fisted swipe at the human's legs. "Troll Gets Pissed Off."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 1 } for 15

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That hits! No outcome; what's the damage? and a -6."

(OOC) Kuei says, "No damage."

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "All right, go ahead and pose that, Hideki, then go on 1.

Hideki braces himself to absorb the retaliatory blow and says "Troll should keep composure"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei notes that his stats not adequately reflecting his stature as supernatural creature."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins ruefully, "No, they're not really, Kuei -- I'm sorry."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei laboring under strictures of mathematics."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "And grammar! But most fun-ly so, so many thanks. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "Just one man against statistics. Very existential."

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs!

(OOC) Hideki says, "Actually Kuei goes on 4. Tiger Stance doesn't take a shot."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Oh! Darnit, my error again. So... Kuei on 4, then Hideki on 1, then Kuei on 1."

(OOC) Kuei says, "English not Kuei's first language. Kuei not mock you for lack of umlauts."

(OOC) OneShotGM grins.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Go, Kuei! ;)"

Kuei hmphs. "Kuei is troll, not anger management counselor!" He kicks the bottom of the dumpster with sufficient force to carry his foot all the way over his head. "GOT POOR IMPULSE CONTROL!!"

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 2 } { [1d6] 4 } for 12

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "Go ahead and pose the dumpster flying off, even if it does miss Hideki!"

He kicks the dumpster at least a block and a half down the street. Unfortunately, it has little to no bearing on the more agile human.

That kosher deli, on the other hand, is never going to be the same.

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs! "Cool. Now Hideki on 1. ;)"

Hideki looks bewildered at flying dumpster. Then, noticing his favorite deli has gained a dumpster in its front window he bellows in rage, "You just destroyed the best kishka in town!!!" and swings at the troll's head with the staff.

(OOC) Hideki rolled 15+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 3 } for 16

(OOC) OneShotGM giggles! "Okay, that hits by 1! ;)

Kuei whispers, "Heh, I have the PERFECT way to close this, if you'll let me tack it onto the end of my Tiger Stance?" to you.

Hideki says, "10 points minus toughness, unless he dodges"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Damn should be ooc"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "moment, I'll get it..."

viewlast #

( Starting Cambot Listing MaxChar 2048 Delay 2 OOC )

00086> Hideki says, "10 points minus toughness, unless he dodges"

( Listing Complete OOC )

deleteline 86

(OOC) Line 86 deleted.

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei out of shots. Go on and get last poke in."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay, that's 6 wounds."

(OOC) Kuei says, "Kuei invoke Tiger Stance."

You whisper, "Hm. I have something in mind too, but what've you got in mind?" to Kuei.

(OOC) OneShotGM nods, "Pose it! ;)"

Kuei whispers, "Gonna use my attack on the second dumpster he mentioned, kick it down the street and ride off on it like a big green Lawrence of Arabia? ;)" to you.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "Okay! Do that on 1 then. Go for it! ;)"

(OOC) Kuei rolled 14+d6-d6 { [1d6] 4 } { [1d6] 2 } for 16

You whisper, "whups! Bleah. Sorry. ;-p" to Kuei.

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "That should hit by 1, Kuei."

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "What's the damage?"

Kuei grins, "Hey! Keeshka! Good idea! Kuei make bratwurst run! Pummel later, go pick up knishes!" His retaliatory strike comes in the form of one enormous boot swinging around to clang against the other dumpster in the alley. With a tremendous leap (and equally tremendous bang) he mounts the rolling dumpster and takes off into the sunset astride it."Havah nagilah, squishy!"

(OOC) OneShotGM laughs!

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "okay, that's the last action, since I doubt the troll can strike on 1 from wherever he is now. ;)"

(OOC) OneShotGM says, "So... my turn! ;)"

At that point the director steps forward, shouting into his bullhorn, "All right, boys, that's a wrap! Hideki, good job on your first time before the cameras; don't forget to work some on your poses! Kuei, delightful as always -- now get out of that suit, man, you're sweating up a storm in there!"

People swarm across the set, chatting cheerfully to each other as they surround the two actors. There are many pats on the back to both as they're herded off to their respective trailers. The director and the producer wander off together, arguing animatedly over which script pages are most recent. Lights click out as the technicians rearrange their equipment... and finally, silence falls on the set.

Game over, the GM stops the log from recording further. As can be seen below, people often forget and keep typing as if they're still OOC or IC. Since the log is no longer recording, either is fine.

(OOC) You stop the log.

OneShotGM says, "That's it! Thanks so much, Ian, for helping out, and hope you had a great time, Marc! ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "I think you mean Shalom Alechem"

(OOC) OneShotGM grins, "He's not a Jewish troll, obviously. ;)"

(OOC) Hideki says, "Yup"

OneShotGM says, "and the cambot is off, so we can now talk normally. ;)"

(OOC) Kuei says, "That's if you're Muslim. And it's Ash'alom Aleikum."

OneShotGM says, "Does that help, Marc? ;)"

Kuei always talk normal.

OneShotGM grins.

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